[ti:Kim-Trump Meeting Met with Caution] [by:www.51voa.com] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:00.92]A meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un [00:07.72]seemed unthinkable only months ago. [00:12.08]In the last year, the two leaders have exchanged strong insults and threats [00:18.88]raising fears of armed conflict on the Korean Peninsula. [00:25.76]The U.S. president has and continues to promise "maximum pressure" [00:32.68]against repeated North Korean nuclear and missile tests. [00:39.04]On Thursday night however, Trump accepted Kim's invitation [00:44.72]for a meeting by May to discuss "denuclearization." [00:52.80]Trump expressed hope on Twitter, [00:55.64]saying "Kim Jong Un talked about denuclearization [01:00.50]with the South Korean Representatives, not just a freeze. [01:06.40]Also, no missile testing by North Korea during this period of time. [01:13.28]Great progress being made but sanctions will remain [01:18.04]until an agreement is reached. [01:21.16]Meeting being planned!" [01:24.80]On Friday, Trump's spokeswoman, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, [01:30.48]added that the meeting cannot take place until [01:34.32]the U.S. sees "concrete actions that match the words" of North Korea. [01:42.72]South Korean President Moon Jae-in [01:45.68]called the development a "historical milestone" [01:50.28]that will put the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula "really on track." [01:58.36]But many observers advise caution. [02:02.44]North Korea has long sought a one-on-one meeting with U.S. leaders. [02:09.24]And Trump has agreed to meet without pre-conditions. [02:15.52]Robert Kelly is a professor at South Korea's Pusan National University. [02:23.20]He told Reuters the meeting is a reward to North Korea. [02:29.52]Kelly added, "It extends the prestige of meeting the head [02:35.40]of state of the world's strongest power and leading democracy. [02:40.84]That is why we should not do it [02:43.04]unless we get a meaningful concession from North Korea. [02:49.12]That is why other presidents have not done it." [02:54.16]Daniel Russel is a former U.S. assistant secretary of State for East Asia and the Pacific. [03:02.84]He said, "The North has made peace overtures in the past [03:08.52]that did not hold up under scrutiny. [03:12.04]Also remember that [North Korea] has for many years [03:17.24]proposed that the President of the United States [03:21.08]personally engage with North Korea's leaders as an equal [03:27.04]— one nuclear power to another. [03:30.60]What is new isn't the proposal, it's the response." [03:37.00]From Japan, the English-language Japan Times [03:41.80]called it "an opening – nothing more – with North Korea." [03:47.44]In an editorial, it says, "caution must be the watchword of any discussions, however. [03:55.28]Talks are welcome, but their goal must be the rollback [03:59.96]and eventual elimination of North Korea's nuclear weapons program. [04:05.80]Negotiations can never legitimate Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions [04:13.44]or accept its status as a nuclear-weapon possessing state." [04:20.16]Lee Jin-gon is a professor of political science at Kyung Hee University. [04:28.04]He told the Korea Times, "My view is that Kim offered the peace gesture [04:34.44]to his U.S. counterpart as a last resort to overcome the regime's internal crisis." [04:43.88]Some were more hopeful for a different result with the upcoming meeting. [04:49.80]Robert Galluci said, "This is a surprising and welcome development. [04:55.76]If representatives of both governments can meet, [04:59.52]and a summit ultimately is held, [05:02.56]it would represent substantial progress [05:05.96]in reducing tension and the risk of war." [05:10.80]Galluci served as the chief U.S. negotiator [05:15.20]during the 1994 North Korean nuclear crisis. [05:21.96]There was no immediate reaction from China. [05:25.68]However, the state-run Global Times published an editorial welcoming the talk. [05:33.12]It said, "China will welcome the dialogue between the US and North Korea, [05:39.64]and resolutely support North Korea securing its due interests [05:44.96]in the process of denuclearization. [05:49.44]Through these efforts, China's interests will not be pushed aside." [05:56.04]American Senator Lindsay Graham of South Carolina expressed hope for peace. [06:02.69]But he offered a warning to the North Korean leader. [06:07.25]He said, "A word of warning to North Korean President Kim Jong Un [06:14.68]‘the worst possible thing you can do is meet with President Trump [06:19.20]in person and try to play him. [06:22.92]If you do that, it will be the end of you and your regime." [06:29.48]I'm Mario Ritter. [06:31.56]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM