[ti:George Washington’s Tree Brought Down by Strong Winds] [by:www.51voa.com] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:00.04]This is What's Trending Today... [00:03.44]The eastern United States is recovering from a major storm, [00:09.68]which left widespread damage. [00:13.40]Strong gusts of wind broke windows and removed tops of buildings. [00:20.40]Hundreds of thousands of people lost power for one or more days. [00:27.36]Huge trees came crashing down. [00:31.16]And, reports say one of the trees brought down by the storm [00:36.60]may have been planted by the first U.S. president, George Washington. [00:43.88]The tree stood on the grounds of Washington's home [00:47.68]at Mount Vernon, about 30 kilometers south of Washington, D.C. [00:54.96]The huge estate sits along the Potomac River, [00:59.24]just south of Alexandria, Virginia. [01:03.36]Today, George Washington's Mount Vernon is a popular stop for travelers, [01:09.64]both Americans and visitors from overseas. [01:14.24]The tree, a Canadian hemlock, [01:17.16]was planted near the entrance to a garden on the property. [01:21.88]It had a sign that read "circa 1791" on it [01:27.16]-- the year that people thought it was planted. [01:30.80]Rob Shenk works for George Washington's Mount Vernon. [01:35.56]He published a photograph of the damaged tree on Twitter last weekend. [01:41.84]He wrote, "The DC area lost a lot of trees yesterday, [01:46.92]but maybe none more significant [01:49.88]than this 1791 Canadian Hemlock at Mount Vernon. [01:55.76]George Washington himself likely knew this tree..." [02:00.68]Dean Norton is the director of horticulture [02:04.28]at George Washington's Mount Vernon. [02:07.20]In a video published on social media this week, [02:11.08]he talked about the history of the fallen hemlock. [02:15.80]Washington, Norton said, was interested in planting hemlock trees on his property. [02:23.16]Hemlocks did not grow in this part of Virginia. [02:27.80]In 1784, Norton explained, Washington sent a letter [02:33.44]to New York Governor George Clinton requesting the trees. [02:38.64]By July of 1785, Washington got his wish. [02:44.28]He received two hemlocks planted in cut whiskey barrels. [02:50.32]General Benjamin Lincoln of Massachusetts sent the trees [02:55.44]to the future president as a gift from Clinton. [03:00.20]Mount Vernon experts say Washington wrote down that he planted the trees [03:06.16]on the grounds of Mount Vernon on July 13, 1785. [03:12.60]Neither Shenk nor Norton can be sure [03:16.24]that Washington planted the tree with his own hands. [03:20.68]However, Shenk told The Washington Post newspaper [03:24.92]that he at least directed the planting. [03:28.60]But last week, 100-kilometer-per-hour winds twisted, shook [03:34.44]and took down the over two-century-old hemlock. [03:39.68]"You hate to see it, but it happens," Norton said in the video. [03:44.92]He described the fallen hemlock as [03:48.00]a "living witness to the life and times of George Washington." [03:53.56]Mount Vernon officials say that they have collected the wood from the tree. [03:58.84]It will be used at Mount Vernon for preservation efforts and special projects. [04:05.32]And that's What's Trending Today. [04:07.76]I'm Ashley Thompson. [04:09.32]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM