[ti:Philadelphia Eagles Team Is Underdog No More] [by:www.51voa.com] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:00.04]This is What's Trending Today ... [00:04.28]The "underdog" Philadelphia Eagles football team [00:09.48]has won its first Super Bowl. [00:13.03]The team defeated the favored New England Patriots [00:19.07]in the National Football League championship [00:23.04]Sunday night in Minneapolis, Minnesota. [00:28.04]The final score was 41 to 33. [00:34.32]Eagles quarterback Nick Foles [00:37.45]was named Super Bowl 52's Most Valuable Player, or MVP. [00:46.52]Foles was backup quarterback for most of the 17-week regular season. [00:54.76]He replaced starter Carson Wentz when he was injured in week 14. [01:02.31]The last time a player has gone from a backup at the start of the season [01:09.72]to Super Bowl MVP was sixteen years ago. [01:16.00]That player was Tom Brady, the quarterback of the Patriots. [01:23.56]Brady led his team in play Sunday night also. [01:29.09]Foles threw for three touchdowns and even caught the ball in a trick play. [01:38.08]Brady dropped a pass in a similar play. [01:42.24]However, he broke a Super Bowl record in passing. [01:47.13]Twenty-eight other Super Bowl records were tied or broken during the game. [01:55.20]The game was the second highest-scoring Super Bowl ever. [02:00.16]As Brady's final Hail Mary pass dropped on the field, incomplete, [02:08.24]Eagles fans flooded the streets of Philadelphia [02:12.56]to celebrate the Pennsylvania city's first Super Bowl victory. [02:19.44]Hometown newspaper, The Philadelphia Inquirer, [02:24.00]reported the scene this way: [02:27.04]"Men hoisted women on their shoulders, [02:31.28]a father set off fireworks with his son, [02:34.96]and residents clobbered pots and pans... [02:39.20]Some people drank champagne. Some cried. [02:43.92]And everywhere, Eagles chants thundered through the air." [02:50.68]Some of the celebrations turned ugly, however. [02:55.76]People broke windows of a department store [02:59.56]and pushed over streetlights at major road crossings. [03:05.80]In another incident, a car was overturned outside a hotel. [03:13.44]And the mayor's office said police made three arrests [03:18.72]in connection with the post-Super Bowl activities. [03:24.08]By the morning light, city workers were out to clean up the mess [03:29.80]and prepare for a victory parade on Broad Street. [03:35.36]And that's What's Trending Today. [03:38.76]I'm Caty Weaver. [03:40.20]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM