[ti:Pence Leaves Open Possibility to Meet North Korean Officials] [by:www.51voa.com] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:00.12]U.S. Vice President Mike Pence [00:03.60]is not ruling out a meeting with North Korean officials [00:09.08]during his trip to South Korea to attend the Winter Olympics. [00:16.44]Pence was asked about the possibility of U.S.-North Korea talks [00:22.36]before leaving Monday on his six-day Asia trip. [00:27.92]"Let me say President Trump has said he always believes in talking, [00:34.80]but I haven't requested any meeting," Pence told reporters. [00:41.52]He added, "But we'll see what happens." [00:46.11]His words were very similar to comments [00:50.69]that U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made Monday. [00:56.12]When asked about possible talks between Pence and North Korean officials, [01:03.12]Tillerson said "we'll have to see what happens." [01:07.72]Pence spoke with reporters after visiting U.S. missile defense facilities [01:15.00]at the U.S. Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage, Alaska. [01:23.32]The base is used to monitor missile activity by North Korea [01:28.80]and could respond to any possible attacks. [01:35.08]The vice president said if he does meet with any North Korean officials, [01:41.04]he will tell them their country "once and for all" [01:45.16]must give up its nuclear weapons and missile programs. [01:52.08]"We'll be telling the truth about North Korea at every stop," Pence said. [01:59.80]"We'll be ensuring that whatever cooperation that's existing [02:04.80]between North and South Korea today on Olympic teams [02:09.76]does not cloud the reality of a regime [02:13.36]that must continue to be isolated by the world community." [02:20.44]Pence is holding talks with officials in Japan before going to Seoul. [02:27.96]In South Korea, Pence will meet with President Moon Jae-in. [02:34.12]He will also visit a memorial to 46 South Korean sailors [02:39.92]killed in a 2010 underwater missile attack blamed on the North. [02:47.72]He will then lead the official U.S. government delegation [02:52.00]attending the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang. [02:59.72]The Games begin February 9. [03:02.88]Pence wrote about his upcoming trip to the Olympics on Twitter. [03:10.76]One goal, he said, will be to repeat a U.S. promise [03:15.64]"to continue to isolate North Korea and ensure North Korea [03:21.44]doesn't use the Olympics to paper over the truth about their regime, [03:27.88]which oppresses its own people and threatens other nations." [03:33.76]Fred Warmbier, the father of American student Otto Warmbier, [03:41.12]will be attending the opening ceremony as Pence's special guest. [03:46.92]Otto was jailed in North Korea for 17 months and died last year [03:54.20]shortly after being released and returning to the United States in a coma. [04:00.64]I'm Bryan Lynn. 更多听力请访问51VOA.COM