[ti:Eagles Face Patriots in Super Bowl Sunday] [by:www.51voa.com] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:00.04]Every year, more Americans gather around their televisions [00:05.80]to watch the Super Bowl than any other single broadcast. [00:12.12]Last year, almost 112 million viewers watched the New England Patriots [00:21.32]defeat the Atlanta Falcons for the National Football League championship. [00:27.84]It was the fifth Super Bowl win for the Patriots. [00:34.48]This Sunday, the Patriots will go for another. [00:40.12]They will face the Philadelphia Eagles in Minneapolis, Minnesota. [00:46.34]The Eagles have never won a Super Bowl, [00:50.20]the championship game established in 1967. [00:56.00]Fans and experts consider the Eagles the underdog in the big game, [01:03.04]meaning the team is widely expected to lose. [01:08.28]The lack of confidence in the Eagles [01:12.80]is partly the result of Tom Brady's great record. [01:18.40]The Patriots quarterback has led his team to five Super Bowl wins. [01:26.04]He was named Most Valuable Player in three of those championship games. [01:33.28]Last year, Brady helped his team [01:37.60]recover from a 25-point deficit and win the game. [01:44.04]Many consider him the best quarterback of all time. [01:51.00]Nick Foles is the quarterback for the Eagles. [01:55.02]Foles had a poor 2015 season with the St. Louis Rams [02:01.96]and thought about retiring from the game. [02:06.21]Last year, he joined the Eagles as a back-up quarterback. [02:12.44]When starting quarterback Carson Wentz injured his knee, Foles took his place. [02:21.16]The Eagles under Foles, however, seem to enjoy being the underdog. [02:28.72]After defeating the heavily favored Atlanta Falcons 15-10 in a playoff game, [02:37.76]two Eagles players walked off the field wearing dog masks. [02:43.84]One of them jokingly told reporters, "I don't know if you heard: [02:50.48]There was a little narrative this week that the media was pushing [02:55.36]that evidently we were, like, not favored?" [03:00.44]The team then encouraged its fans [03:04.88]to wear dog masks themselves to the next game. [03:10.28]The "underdog" Eagles went on to beat the Minnesota Vikings by a score of 38 to 7. [03:20.60]That win earned the Eagles its place in Super Bowl 52. [03:27.12]The Super Bowl broadcast is not only about the game, however. [03:33.44]Many who watch are more interested in the half-time entertainment [03:39.60]and the funny commercials aired during the game. [03:45.24]Singer Justin Timberlake is the star performer this year. [03:51.32]It will be his third time on the Super Bowl stage. [03:56.44]The Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots [04:02.04]have faced each other once before in a Super Bowl. [04:06.84]The Patriots won that 2005 NFL championship game, 24 to 21. [04:16.80]Only one person who played then will return to the field this Sunday: [04:23.85]New England Patriot Tom Brady. [04:27.78]The Eagles are hoping for a different result this time. [04:33.57]I'm Caty Weaver. 更多听力请访问51VOA.COM