[ti:'Cold Feet' and Other Cold Body Expressions] [by:www.51voa.com] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:07.27]And now, the VOA Learning English program Words and Their Stories. [00:15.12]Cold weather has a great effect on how our minds and our bodies work. [00:21.76]Perhaps that is why we have so many expressions [00:25.68]that combine the word "cold" with body parts. [00:30.64]The most straightforward example is the adjective coldhearted. [00:37.16]Just as it sounds, a coldhearted person is distant and, well, cold. [00:45.17]An action can be coldhearted as well. [00:50.08]This would be one that shows no love or sympathy. [00:55.32]There are many songs about coldhearted men or coldhearted women [01:00.84]who, without feeling, broke the hearts of their lovers. [01:06.84]In the 1988 song, Cold Hearted, Paula Abdul [01:11.49]sings about the coldhearted man who broke her heart. [01:15.00]He's a coldhearted snake, look into his eyes, [01:20.88]Oh, oh he's been telling lies. [01:23.77]He's a lover boy at play, He don't play by the rules oh, oh, oh ... [01:25.29]The song was a huge hit. [01:27.48]It seems a trend may have been set. [01:31.04]In 2010, the Zac Brown Band released a song with the exact same name. [01:37.40]Pretty little words covered your dark and crooked heart [01:43.00]With a forked tongue I fell in love, [01:46.56]Then I fell apart You are so [01:52.20]Cold hearted [01:57.28]Other similar adjectives often get a hyphen, like cold-blooded. [02:03.48]Reptiles, amphibians and most fish are cold-blooded animals. [02:10.60]This means they are unable to control their own body temperature. [02:15.60]Mammals, on the other hand, are warm-blooded -- well, for the most part. [02:22.60]There are some people in the world you could call cold-blooded. [02:27.80]People who show no emotions or feelings are often described as cold-blooded. [02:35.08]Cold-blooded people are hard to get close to. [02:39.32]And they often do terrible things, on purpose. [02:43.36]For example, the police might look for someone they call a cold-blooded killer. [02:50.04]The person killed someone without any understandable cause [02:54.72]- not in self-defense, fear or even anger. [02:59.92]Killing for no reason is often called cold-blooded. [03:05.04]Okay, enough of cold-blooded people. [03:07.84]Let's go back to fish! [03:10.44]As we said earlier, most are cold-blooded. [03:14.24]So, calling a striped bass or rainbow trout a "cold fish" is fine. [03:20.56]They would not be insulted...if they could be insulted. [03:26.32]But calling a person a "cold fish" is an insult. [03:31.92]A cold fish is a person who is unfriendly, [03:35.92]unemotional and shows no love or warmth. [03:40.76]Cold fish do not offer much of themselves to anyone. [03:45.48]However, not everyone who doesn't show their feelings is a cold fish. [03:51.32]Some people keep their feelings to themselves until they know you better. [03:57.56]We could describe these people with the expression cold hands, warm heart. [04:05.08]This means that a person may be very kind and warm. [04:09.00]But they just don't show their feelings very easily. [04:14.12]Take my friend Celeste as an example. [04:17.76]She doesn't normally show her feelings. [04:21.08]But she is always ready to help and is very kind. [04:26.40]She is a classic case of cold hands, warm heart. [04:32.04]Speaking of hands, the hands and feet [04:35.68]are some of the first body parts to feel the cold. [04:40.08]Getting cold feet is no fun – outdoors or in conversation. [04:46.84]To get cold feet means to become afraid to do something [04:51.64]you had already decided to do. [04:55.24]We use this expression in situations that make us nervous or afraid [05:01.16]-- from leading a big meeting at work [05:03.52]to singing on stage in front of strangers. [05:07.72]But we commonly use it in connection with weddings. [05:12.48]People who are about to get married may begin to feel nervous as the day nears. [05:19.20]They begin to question if they should take such a big step. [05:24.28]If a bride shares these feelings of nervousness and uncertainty, [05:29.44]a relative or friend might answer with [05:32.28]"Don't worry! This is a classic case of cold feet!" [05:37.76]Another body part involved in our cold expressions today is the shoulder. [05:44.00]You give someone the cold shoulder when you refuse to speak to them. [05:49.44]You ignore them. [05:52.12]The expression probably comes from the physical act [05:55.84]of turning your back toward someone. [05:59.56]You may give a cold shoulder to a friend who has broken a promise, [06:04.60]or to someone who has said mean things about others. [06:09.80]Well, that brings us to the end of this Words and Their Stories. [06:15.16]In the Comments Section, [06:16.96]let us know what you think of today's show. [06:20.60]We try to answer as many comments as we can. [06:23.88]But unfortunately we can't respond to all. [06:27.92]So, if you don't get a reply, [06:30.32]please know we're not giving you the cold shoulder. [06:34.72]I'm Anna Matteo. [06:36.04]A memory from your lonesome past [06:39.61]Keeps us so far apart [06:43.19]Why can't I free your doubtful mind [06:47.31]And melt your cold cold heart 更多听力请访问51VOA.COM