[ti:CES 2018: Voice-Controlled Assistants Steal the Show] [by:www.51voa.com] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:00.16]The biggest technology show of the year [00:03.48]is taking place this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. [00:08.76]The show is called CES 2018. [00:15.68]The Consumer Technology Association [00:19.04]estimates about 170,000 people will attend. [00:26.20]About one-third of them are reported to come [00:29.76]from countries other than the United States. [00:35.12]The show takes place every January. [00:38.88]It was formerly called The International Consumer Electronics Show, or CES. [00:48.36]More than 4,000 businesses are demonstrating products [00:52.96]in areas such as gaming, self-driving cars, digital health, [00:59.62]artificial intelligence and robotics. [01:05.24]One of the biggest stars at CES 2018 [01:10.16]is the voice-controlled digital assistant. [01:14.92]While the technology is not new, [01:17.92]many companies are showing off the latest in virtual assistants. [01:24.36]Devices controlled by digital assistants [01:28.84]– especially those activated by voice [01:32.16]- were already big sellers in 2017. [01:37.16]This year, Google, Amazon and Apple are expected [01:41.92]to release even more products to keep up with rising demand. [01:48.80]Digital assistants are powered by artificial intelligence [01:53.48]and machine learning technology. [01:57.64]They are designed to learn user preferences over time [02:02.60]and then "think" and act on their own. [02:07.32]Some of the biggest developments in technology [02:10.88]have come in the area of home automation. [02:15.84]Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple's HomePod and Microsoft's Cortana [02:23.28]are a few examples of voice-activated devices. [02:28.00]All include "smart" speakers that "talk" to users inside the home [02:34.60]and can perform operations. [02:38.92]Experts with the Consumer Technology Association say sales of smart speakers [02:46.12]are expected to nearly double in 2018, to $3.8 billion. [02:55.08]"That market is not just heating up. [02:58.64]It is a wildfire," researcher Steve Koenig told Agence France-Presse. [03:07.64]The internet-linked products can play music [03:10.88]or find information when asked questions. [03:15.92]They can also control equipment such as lighting, [03:20.20]cameras, televisions and temperature controllers. [03:26.36]Among new "smart" home products to be released at the CES [03:32.12]are voice-controlled washing machines, refrigerators, showers and toilets. [03:39.48]Some businesses will demonstrate robots that are designed [03:44.88]to help people do things or attend to their needs. [03:50.84]New virtual-reality and augmented-reality technologies will also be shown. [03:59.52]Many of these will be aimed at video gamers or sports lovers [04:05.12]seeking to feel like they are more involved in the game. [04:09.52]CES is also traditionally the place for major electronics manufacturers [04:17.48]to demonstrate their newest televisions. [04:21.80]In an effort to get people to buy, [04:24.56]companies are continuing to advertise new technologies, [04:29.68]including "4K," ″HDR" and "OLED." [04:37.00]Many of the televisions launched this year will come with voice controls. [04:44.36]The show also has many new physical fitness and health-related devices. [04:51.32]Some are designed to help people create [04:54.24]the best personal fitness plans to reach their goals. [04:59.92]Wearable health devices are equipped to study and measure body conditions, [05:06.60]while others help recognize signs of disease. [05:11.24]I'm Bryan Lynn. [05:13.76]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM