[ti:Donald Trump: Unusual] [by:www.51voa.com] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:06.04]VOA Learning English presents America's Presidents. [00:12.16]Today we are talking about Donald Trump. [00:15.52]He was elected in 2016. [00:18.96]Because his presidency is so new, [00:22.40]this program will not discuss his time in office. [00:26.84]Instead, it will discuss his early life. [00:31.08]And it will note a few ways that Trump's background is [00:35.84]unusual compared to most U.S. presidents. [00:40.48]Early life [00:53.44]Donald Trump was born in Queens, [00:56.64]a borough of New York City. [00:59.20]He was the fourth child. He had two brothers and two sisters. [01:04.92]His mother had been born in Scotland. [01:07.88]His father, whose relatives were German, [01:11.36]became a successful businessman in New York. [01:16.12]Donald and his two brothers helped their father in the family business. [01:21.60]At the time, the business was called Elizabeth Trump and Son, [01:26.94]after his grandmother and father. [01:30.24]The work related to building, buying, and managing property. [01:36.64]By his own telling, young Donald often created trouble in school. [01:43.68]So when he was 13 years old, his parents sent him to a military-style school. [01:52.28]Donald said that, for the most part, he enjoyed the experience. [01:58.16]Other students there remembered him as a good baseball player, [02:03.08]as popular with girls, and as someone who wanted to succeed. [02:10.28]Trump went on to college first at Fordham University in New York, [02:15.28]and then at the University of Pennsylvania. [02:18.96]He earned a degree in economics. [02:22.24]He was also already investing in real estate. [02:26.96]After he graduated, Trump quickly returned to New York City and his career. [02:33.52]In time, he became the head of the family business. [02:38.56]He re-named it the Trump Organization. [02:42.52]As its president, Trump developed and put his name on luxury buildings, [02:48.32]casinos, hotels, and golf courses around the world. [02:54.44]Later, he became linked to the entertainment industry, too. [02:59.72]He became a part owner of beauty pageants, hosted a television show, [03:05.64]and wrote a book about how to succeed in business. [03:11.08]During these years, Trump also married three times and divorced twice. [03:18.72]The media wrote especially about his first and second marriages [03:23.24]because he openly had a relationship with his second wife [03:27.12]while he was married to his first. [03:29.92]In 2005, he married Melania Knauss, [03:34.60]a former model from Slovenia. [03:37.76]She is only the second first lady who was not born in the United States. [03:44.28]The first was Louisa Adams, who came from Britain in 1801. [03:51.36]All together, Trump has three sons and two daughters. [03:57.68]Because Trump has been a public figure for most of his life, [04:02.64]many Americans were familiar with him before he ran for president. [04:08.24]To some, he is linked to success in business and branding. [04:13.76]To others, notes journalist Jackie Calmes, [04:17.84]he is linked to debt and legal battles. [04:22.20]But, until he officially entered the 2016 campaign as a Republican candidate, [04:29.20]few linked him to politics. [04:32.32]Trump is unusual among past presidents [04:36.92]in that he had never worked in the government before. [04:40.72]Nor has Trump served in the military. [04:44.32]Only Presidents Taylor, Grant, and Eisenhower [04:48.84]had no previous government experience; [04:51.96]however, they had all been generals. [04:55.68]During the campaign for president, [04:58.04]other candidates spent money to buy advertising. [05:02.12]But Trump spread his message [05:04.32]on free television, radio and social media. [05:09.76]Trump won the Republican nomination over 16 candidates. [05:15.68]He went on to defeat Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to win the presidency. [05:23.36]Trump is the oldest person ever to take office. [05:27.76]He was 70 years old when he was sworn in. [05:32.44]He is also one of the richest. [05:35.88]And Trump is unusual in how he communicates with the public. [05:41.36]As president, he continues to use Twitter [05:45.48]to communicate his thoughts directly to anyone who wants to follow him. [05:51.44]Many earlier presidents also used changes in technology to interact with the public. [05:58.76]Woodrow Wilson was the first to hold press conferences regularly with reporters. [06:05.32]Franklin Roosevelt famously spoke to Americans on the radio. [06:10.84]John F. Kennedy – and later Richard Nixon [06:14.15]– are credited with using television to their advantage. [06:19.32]But these episodes were often planned in advance. [06:24.44]Trump has said he likes Twitter [06:26.88]because he can share his thoughts immediately. [06:30.68]And, he adds, the media and the public respond immediately, too. [06:37.60]While the long-term effects of Trump's presidency are not yet known, [06:42.44]he will likely be remembered in part [06:45.08]for his direct and unscripted style of communication. [06:50.32]I'm Kelly Jean Kelly. [06:57.76]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM