[ti:New Indian Retirement Community in California] [by:www.51voa.com] [00:00.00]更多听力请访问51VOA.COM [00:01.64]Young people come from around the world to work in Silicon Valley. [00:08.08]Some, however, are struggling to find the best way to care for their aging parents. [00:16.56]Increasingly, they are turning to "affinity" retirement communities. [00:22.68]These are communities where older people from countries [00:26.50]like India and China can live near, but not with, their adult children. [00:34.48]These types of communities are a change from traditional Asian customs [00:39.56]where parents and children normally live together. [00:44.52]Asha RaoRane moved from India to be closer to her three daughters [00:51.08]who had immigrated to San Francisco. [00:54.32]She said, "The children are so busy these days, [00:58.01]they are all the time working, taking care of their kids, [01:02.20]so we do not want to interfere in their lives." [01:06.60]Her daughters explored a traditional senior retirement community. [01:11.48]But they had trouble finding one that their mother would fit into. [01:16.72]Eventually, they found Priya Living, a retirement community [01:22.12]for people with similar interests, such as yoga and meditation. [01:28.84]Arun Paul is a real estate developer. [01:33.08]He developed Priya Living as a place for his parents to live. [01:38.20]His parents moved from Los Angeles four years ago [01:42.28]and are still in a ground floor apartment. [01:46.28]Paul said, "In living here in America, as the son of immigrants, [01:51.72]I've realized that there's very unique needs that immigrants have." [01:57.80]"The old system was based on a different time [02:00.68]when women were in the house, really taking care, [02:04.04]in many cultures, of their husband's parents," Paul said. [02:08.30]"Obviously the role of women in society has changed globally." [02:13.80]For Bhagyashree RaoRane and her mother Asha, [02:19.40]finding Priya Living has been a dream come true. [02:23.76]"We walked in and instantly it was like [02:26.76]walking into an Indian community in India," said RaoRane. [02:31.04]"Even the building is painted the same color [02:34.40]as so many of the buildings in India are painted." [02:38.56]Others are not so sure about this type of affinity communities. [02:44.04]Nagendra Prasad, 62, and Manjula Neelakantaiah, 53, [02:50.28]came from India to visit their daughter who works for Google. [02:54.76]They have stayed at Priya for the two-month visit. [02:59.12]"Really, in the beginning we were surprised," Neelakantaiah said. [03:03.56]"In India the younger people, they definitely take care of the aged people." [03:11.08]For Dr. Byravan Viswanathan and his wife Lakshmi, [03:15.64]the community is not a perfect fit. [03:18.56]They were born and raised in India [03:21.88]but spent much of their adult lives in a small town in Pennsylvania. [03:27.64]They made many American friends there, [03:30.64]and they had adapted to a Western lifestyle. [03:34.56]When they moved to Priya, [03:36.52]they had to re-learn Indian ways of living again. [03:41.08]They found that people were speaking languages [03:43.83]that they had not used for many years. [03:46.96]Their daughter is now looking to find a more American community for them. [03:52.68]While the majority of Priya's residents come from India, [03:56.28]Paul said the community welcomes people of all backgrounds. [04:01.08]There are a few non-Indians who call Priya home. [04:05.68]Carlos McCann is an 89-year-old WW II veteran. [04:11.08]He has lived in the community for almost 20 years, long before it was purchased [04:17.24]and remodeled to become a majority-Indian community. [04:22.24]"Everything has sort of come together at this location [04:25.80]- it's like it's the center of the world," he said. [04:28.96]I'm Phil Dierking. 更多听力请访问51VOA.COM