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  1. Communicating by Hand, From 'OK' to the Ever-Popular 'Digitus Impudicus' Audio Clip Available (09-12-3)
  2. 'Black Friday': A Busy Shopping Day for Sure, but a Murky Origin (09-11-30)
  3. With E-mail, a Few More Keyboard Taps Now Could Save a Lot of Grief Later (09-11-30)
  4. One Word, Two Opposite Meanings: Terms That Janus Would Have Loved (09-11-5)
  5. 'I Think the Most Important Part of Being Cherokee Is the Language' (09-11-5)
  6. Anyway, at the End of the Day, What Terms Annoy You in Conversation? (09-10-22)
  7. Why Handwriting and Spelling Drills, Done in Isolation, Miss the Point (09-10-15)
  8. Which Makes the Better Writer: the Hand or the Keyboard? Age Is a Part (09-10-9)
  9. Remembering William Safire, 79, a Maven of the English Language (09-10-1)
  10. 'How Are Yinz Doin?' Pittsburghers Ask; 'Huh?' G20 Leaders May Wonder (09-9-24)
  11. To Make a Long Story Short: Summary Skills for Better Readers and Writers (09-9-17)
  12. Smoothing Out English With Help From Sentence Pronunciation Rules (09-9-10)
  13. Teaching to a New Generation of English Learners in Azerbaijan (09-9-3)
  14. You Say LOLL, I say LOHL; Either Way, Emo Kids Won't Be Laughing Out Loud (09-8-27)
  15. In Slang, More to a 'Buck' and Less to a 'Bromance' Than Meets the Eye (09-8-20)
  16. Hitting a Sour Note: The Declining Happiness in Song Lyrics (09-8-13)
  17. Getting a Read on World Happiness Through the Words of Bloggers (09-8-6)
  18. You Do Not Have to Watch 'Star Trek' to Learn to Speak Klingon (09-7-23)
  19. Feeling Limited by a Language? Here Is a Solution: Invent Your Own (09-7-16)
  20. 'Ms.' Has a Longer History (or Herstory) Than You Might Think (09-7-2)
  21. Drink the Corporate Kool-Aid? Not If You Want to Sit in the Catbird Seat (09-6-18)
  22. April 3, 2003 - Lida Baker: War and English Teaching (09-6-17)
  23. April 18, 2002 - English Teaching Starts Earlier (09-6-17)
  24. Some Terms That Have Outlived Their Roots but Not Their Usefulness (09-6-11)
  25. Exploring 'Myths and Misconceptions' of the English Language (09-6-4)
  26. What Are Your Agenda for the Meeting? What, Something Wrong With That? (09-5-28)
  27. Small Talk, American-Style; a Computer Language for Self-Expression (09-5-21)
  28. Training Teachers in Places With Few Resources: Lesson From Burkina Faso (09-5-14)
  29. How to Write an Essay? Here Is One Persuasive Argument (09-5-7)
  30. English Teacher in Cameroon Sends a Positive Message About Texting (09-5-1)
  31. Teacher Sees 'Big Push' to Promote English as a Foreign Language in UAE (09-4-9)
  32. To Catch On to Phrasal Verbs, It Helps to Hook Up With an English Teacher (09-3-26)
  33. Hunting for the Snark in Sarcasm and Anonymous Expression on the Web (09-3-19)
  34. Recession Spawns an Expanding Lexicon for a Shrinking Economy (09-3-12)
  35. Moving Beyond 'It's This or It's This' in Discussing Controversial Topics (09-3-5)
  36. Teaching Students How to Use Dialogue to Bridge Social Differences (09-2-26)
  37. Wanna, Gonna, Hafta: Getting Relaxed With Reduced Forms of Speech (09-2-19)
  38. US Hospitals, Courts Struggle With Growing Demand for Interpreters (09-2-12)
  39. A Prenup: The Legal Language of Love for Couples About to Marry (09-2-5)
  40. Words of Comfort for an Unfortunate Event Other Than a Death (09-1-29)
  41. Remembering 2008 in a Word, 'Bailout,' and a Name, 'Barack Obama' (09-1-15)
  42. Forget the Gunplay, These Cowboys Get Their Kicks From Wordplay (09-1-1)
  43. Want to Learn Some Slang? Let 'Hansel and Gretel' Show the Way (08-12-25)
  44. Finding the Right Expression of Sympathy When Someone Is Grieving (08-12-18)
  45. In Ads, the Right Language Means More Than Just the Words (08-12-11)
  46. If All Else Fails at a Party, Throw Yourself on the Mercy of the Crowd (08-12-4)
  47. 'National Day of Listening' Promoted; Listening to Stories of Poverty (08-11-26)
  48. Learning Business English, and a Little Philosophy, in Tough Economic Times (08-11-20)
  49. How Noah Webster's Dictionary Defined American English, and His Own Views (08-11-13)
  50. A Few Words About Politics, From the First Name in American Dictionaries (08-11-6)
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