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038讲: 两面派


jessica: 吴琼,我问你,“两面派”用美语怎么说?

WQ: Ah? jessica, 你从哪儿学到这个词的? 

jessica: From one of our listeners! 有个听众问的。

WQ: That's cool! Hmm... 我觉得两面派一定是double face,对吗?

jessica: Close! Actually it's two-faced. 

WQ: 哦!two-faced 两张脸,当人一面背人一面,两面派。

jessica: That's right. Sometimes a two-faced person will say nice things about you to your face, then tell others nasty things about you when you're not around. 

WQ: 哼,我最讨厌这种背后捅刀子的人了。

jessica: I know! We call these people back stabbers.

WQ: Back stabber? S-t-a-b-b-e-r, stabber 是用刀子捅别人的人,所以back stabber 就是在背后给人下刀子的人喽!jessica, 不是吹牛,这种人我一眼就能识破。

jessica: Wow! You must be a really good judge of character. 

WQ: judge 是法官,character 是人品,你说我是 a good judge of character, 一定是说我看人看得准,眼光犀利,对吗?

jessica: Exactly. two-faced people can't fool you if you're a good judge of character.

WQ: 不过 jessica, 我觉得,two faced people和back stabbers虽然都很讨厌,但他们也有些用处!

jessica: Really? 

WQ: Yeah. Their existence will help you see who your real friends are! 没有他们的存在,怎么能显出哪些人才是真朋友呢!

jessica: 有道理!Now let's see what you've learned today.

WQ: 第一:形容某人两面派是two-faced;

第二:背后害人的人是back stabber;

第三:形容看人准,可以说 someone is a good judge of character.
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