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059讲: 崩溃


Jessica:Morning 怡茹! Oh..you don't look so well, are you sick? 

YR: 生病倒没有,就是精神快崩溃了。老板让我做调研,一共需要1000多个样品数据! 我已经做了两个星期,头昏脑胀,可还是没做完! I am going crazy! 

Jessica: Don't freak out yet. 怡茹,咱们一块想想办法! 

YR: Wait a second...你说,freak out? 

Jessica: Freak is spelled f-r-e-a-k, freak; freak out 就是崩溃的意思。

YR: OMG! That's totally me! I'm freaking out! 你说想办法,我已经上网找,问朋友,去图书馆查,都没有现成的数据,完全要自己一点一点搜集! 我觉得我已经走投无路了.... 

Jessica: Yeah... seems like you are at the end of your rope. This phrase basically means you are out of options. I'm so sorry 怡茹!

YR: At the end of my rope? 真形象。绳子到头了,没有别的办法。I'm SO at the end of my rope! Jessica,你说要是我无法按时完成任务,那可怎么办呀! 老板都催我两次了,我现在感觉如履薄冰。

Jessica: Yeah, being on thin ice is definitely not the best feeling in the world. 

YR: On thin ice 就是中文里说的如履薄冰吧?太形象了。

Jessica: You know what? I'm not worried about you. I think you can definitely finish the assignment on time! 

YR: 真的吗?好,那我加油,一定按时完成,做得漂漂亮亮的! 

Jessica: That's the spirit! 

YR: 我去了! Bye Jessica! 

Jessica: Wait 怡茹! Before you go, tell me what you've learned today! 

YR: 第一,崩溃可以用 to freak out; 

第二,走投无路,无计可施是 at the end of someone's rope;

第三,如履薄冰是 on thin ice.
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