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041讲: 电灯泡


QY: Happy Friday, Donny! 你今天晚上有什么计划吗?

Donny: Hmm, not yet. What do you have in mind? 

QY: Let's go salsa!! 我今晚要跟两个朋友去跳salsa, 可他们俩是一对,我可真不想夹在中间,当大电灯泡--very bright light bulb!

Donny: I see. You don't want to be the third wheel. 

QY: The third wheel? 

Donny: Yep! Wheel is spelled w-h-e-e-l. The third wheel, 第三个轮子, it's a very colloquial way of saying a third person joining a couple in a social context. 

QY: 没错!我就是不想当 the third wheel! 

Donny: Exactly, you wouldn't want to bother any love birds, right? 

QY: Wait! Love birds? 爱的鸟儿?

Donny:Yep! In English, we often use the word love birds to refer to a couple who are openly affectionate, especially in public. 就是大庭广众之下卿卿我我。你不想打扰这对love birds吧?

QY: 可不是吗!不过这两个人很配!They are a great match!

Donny: Oh that's nice! You can also say, they are a match made in heaven.

QY: A match made in heaven? 那不就是中文里说的天生一对嘛!

Donny: There you go! Since you don't want to be the third wheel, I will go with you! But first, let's see what you learned today! 

QY: 第一:电灯泡叫做:the third wheel; 
第二,如胶似漆的情侣 ,可以说 love birds;  第三,"天生一对"是,a match made in heaven.
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