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067讲: 无语


Jessica; Xiaobei! You look upset. What happened?

Yiru: 别提了!我有个朋友欠钱不还,拖了好长时间了,每次都找各种理由搪塞我!气死我了,以前我还和她理论,现在我简直是…简直是…无语了我!

Jessica: I see. You're so tired of your friend's excuses that you are speechless.

XB: Speechless? 原来这就是无语的意思。

Jessica: Yes. For example, you can say "she was speechless after learning her boyfriend was dating another woman."

XB: 哦,知道男友跟别的女生交往后,她气得说不出话来。

Jessica: Exactly. Basically, you can use "speechless" to mean something so bad or so surprising that you don't know what to say.   

XB: I see. 跟你说,我认识一个女生,她特别虚伪,总是假惺惺地称赞别人,转过头来就说人坏话。Every time I see her being so fake, I'm speechless!

Jessica: I bet you also roll your eyes!

XB: Roll my eyes?

Jessica: If you roll your eyes, you're showing that you don't believe someone or you aren't interested in what they're saying.

XB: 哦,就是因为不相信或者不耐烦而翻白眼。这个说法真形象! 就在今天早上,I got an email saying I was selected to win 5 million dollars. It also asked for my bank account.
Jessica: That's fishy! It must be a scam!

XB: 我当然知道这是诈骗邮件了!I rolled my eyes when I read it! 不过你说,要是我哪天我真中了500万…

Jessica: That would blow me away! Meaning I'd be really amazed!

XB: 哦,to blow someone away就是使人大吃一惊,不过,这应该是用在形容什么好事儿的时候吧?

Jessica: Exactly. For example, My  new computer ran so fast it blew me away!

XB: Or Jessica has so much cash hidden under her bed it blows me away!

Jessica: What? Me? Cash? Now I'm rolling my eyes, Xiaobei!

XB: 我来总结一下今天学的词:因为厌恶或者吃惊而无语,用speechless; 因为不耐烦或不相信而翻白眼是roll one's eyes; 某些好事让人大吃一惊用blow someone away.