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074讲: 能说会道


Jessica: Hi, Qiong Yan! I heard there was a riot in your office...

QY: Riot? 哈哈,没那么严重,其实就是我们这些小白领一块儿找经理谈判,要求涨工资!

Jessica: And did you get the raise?

QY: Yes! I didn't expect management to give in,不过我们的谈判代表是一个特别能说会道的人,我估计,经理是被他侃晕啦! 哈哈! 对了,在美语中要怎么形容一个人能说会道呢?

Jessica: You can say someone has a silver tongue, or someone is silver-tongued. It means a person can clearly and effectively express himself and convince other people. 

QY: I see. So, thanks to my silver-tongued co-worker, we got the raise! 

Jessica: Congratulations! 

QY: 其实,仔细想想,这次也不全是因为这个同事能说会道。经理以前老说大家工作努力,应该涨工资,可都是光说不练! 所以他这次也自觉理亏!

Jessica: So he'd been paying lip service to you!

QY: Pay lip service? Lip 不是嘴唇么?我知道了,pay lip service 就是用空话安抚别人,对么?

Jessica: That's right. Managers at your company must have said how much they appreciated all your hard work, but if they're really impressed by what you've done, they should have given you a raise already! Their insincere appreciation is lip service. 

QY: 没错! 以前经理还老说公司财政紧张,所以大家都应该支持公司,暂时不要涨工资,可我听说,他自己的工资涨得可带劲了!

Jessica: Ah! This is a textbook example of "talk the talk, but not walk the walk." 说一套,做一套。

QY: 真气人,If they talk the talk, they should walk the walk! 怎么能搞双重标准呢?

Jessica: Well, I'm just happy you guys got what you wanted. You should be proud of yourselves! 

QY: 今天我们学了,形容一个人能说会道,用silver tongue; 说空话是pay lip service; 说一套,做一套是talk the talk, but not walk the walk.
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