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047讲: 暴露


WQ: Jessica, 明天我要去面试,得好好打扮打扮,你帮我参谋参谋?

Jessica:没问题!Show me what you've got.

WQ: 你看这件连衣裙,我穿上挺漂亮的,不过,似乎有点太露了。对了,这个衣着暴露在美语里要怎么说呢? 

Jessica: You can say this address is showing too much skin.
WQ: Showing too much skin? 我明白了,就是露得太多。

Jessica: Exactly. You can also say someone is scantily clad. Scantily is spelt S-C-A-N-T-I-L-Y, 意思是少,不够;clad is spelt C-L-A-D, 意思是穿衣服。

WQ: 哦!那把两个词放在一起就是穿得不够,衣着暴露的意思喽!对了,Jessica, 如果说天冷的时候穿得太少太薄,是不是也可以用scantily clad 呢?

Jessica: Yes! For example, you can say girls who are scantily clad when they go out in the cold weather are at higher risk of getting sick. 

WQ: 你是说,大冷天穿得特别少出门的女孩子更容易感冒。那当然!不过做女生就是这么辛苦,为了漂亮只能忍着。 

Jessica: 其实也不用这么辛苦。I know girls want to be pretty, but we don't have to be dressed to kill everyday. Right?

WQ: Dressed to kill? 要杀人??

Jessica: No! "Dressed to kill" means wearing fancy or formal clothing. 比如说,I was dressed to kill for my interview. 

WQ: 哦,我明白了! Dressed to kill 就是着装正式、抢眼。哎?你看这条西服裙行不行?It's not showing too much skin.

Jessica: I like this pencil skirt! It's perfect for the interview. 

WQ: 原来西服裙叫pencil skirt - 像铅笔一样直直的裙子!好吧, Let me put on this pencil skirt and this shirt. 看看效果如何!

Jessica: (Pause) Hmm! WQ, now you're dressed to kill! 

WQ: 第一,形容衣着暴露,可以用scantily clad, 或者 show too much skin;
第二,穿得正式、抢眼,是dressed to kill;

第三,西服裙是pencil skirt!