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062讲: 夜猫子


YR: Hey Jessica! What are you doing on Friday? 

JESSICA: Hmm, I don't know yet. What' up? 

YR: Some of us are planning a sleep over at my apartment. 我们几个都是夜猫子,准备好好看场家庭影院,再睡到自然醒!! We are all late cats! 

JESSICA: 哈哈,YIRU,that's not how we say it. We call people who stay up late "night owls"! 

YR: Night owls? 

JESSICA: Exactly. Owl is spelled o-w-l, owl, 是猫头鹰。Night owl, 就是夜猫子。不过我可不是夜猫子, I usually hit the hay around 10...

YR: Wait a second...hit the hay? 我知道hay是稻草的意思,你..你为什么要打稻草啊? 

JESSICA: 哈哈,YIRU! Hit the hay is just a common way of saying "to go to sleep". 就是睡觉的意思。 

YR: 哈!真有意思,hit the hay! Hmm, I'm quite the opposite- I usually hit the hay very late, definitely after mid-night! 

JESSICA: I really want to join you guys, but I never enjoy sleepovers. I'm a light sleeper. So normally I can't sleep well on sleepovers. 

YR: Light sleeper? 让我来猜猜,就是觉轻的意思,对吗? 

JESSICA: Bingo! A light sleeper can be easily awakened. 

YR: 哦!那一睡着就雷都打不醒的人要怎么说呢? 

Jessica: It's just the opposite! You can call them sound sleepers. 

YR: A light sleeper, 觉轻的人;a sound sleeper, 觉沉的人。我想,我们的sleepover party可能真的不太适合你! 那下次别的活动我再叫你吧! 

Jessica: Okay! Now tell me what you've learned today! 

YR: 第一:夜猫子叫做 night owl;.

第二:睡觉可以说 hit the hay;

第三:睡得沉的人是 a sound sleeper, 觉轻的人则是 a light sleeper!
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