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036讲: 菜鸟


WQ: Donny! 我买了最新的 iPhone耶!

Donny: Wow, you got the latest iPhone? How do you like it?

WQ: 很喜欢啊!就是不太会用。我还是个菜鸟。咦?菜鸟英文怎么说?

Donny: 菜鸟的英文是 newbie.

WQ: Newbie? New是新的,所以newbie就是菜鸟的意思。

Donny: That's right. But don't worry. Everyone has to start out as a newbie.

WQ: 我需要有个人指点我一下, give me...eh....give me....

Donny: A few pointers? 

WQ: 没错,就是这个词。pointer is spelled p-o-i-n-t-e-r, pointer 是指点,建议的意思。I need someone to give me a few pointers on how to find the coolest iPhone apps. 我想知道怎么去找最酷的iPhone应用。

Donny: I have an iPhone. I can show you the ropes. 

WQ: 你就有iPhone?太好了。不过,你刚刚说 You can show me the ropes. 意思是你可以教我对不对?

Donny: You guessed right! To show someone the ropes means to explain to someone how to do a job or activity.

WQ: 可是,这跟 rope 绳子又有什么关系呢?

Donny: A long time ago sailors had to learn how to control the ropes to set sail. Learning the ropes was a beginner's lesson for sailors. So to show someone the ropes means to show someone the basics of doing something.

WQ: 我明白了,以前新水手第一个要学会的就是如何操控绳子。所以,to show someone the ropes 就是教导新手做某件事情。

Donny: Yup! OK, now let's see what you've learned today.

WQ: 第一,菜鸟叫 newbie;

第二,指点某人是 to give somebody a few pointers;

第三,教初学者做某事可以说 to show someone the ropes!
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