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051讲: 必备单品

KAT 在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是吴琼要问的:必备单品。

WQ: Hey KAT! Wow...wait, 我们穿的裤子一样耶!

KAT: OMG! Yeah! We ARE wearing the same thing! Where did you get it? 

WQ: 在outlet啊!现在这种紧身裤最流行了!衣橱必备!对了,这种什么都能配,大家都需要的衣服用美语怎么说啊?

KAT: Hmm, we usually say that kind of clothing is a must-have item. 

WQ: M-u-s-t, must, 是必须的意思,have, h-a-v-e, 拥有,must-have, 必须拥有,就是必备单品喽!

KAT: Exactly! Must-have items often go with many different styles. For example, skinny jeans are a must-have in today's fashion. 紧身牛仔裤是时尚潮人的必备单品。 

WQ: That's why we are both wearing it! 对了,我这条裤子买的特值,买一送一呢!

KAT: What? Buy one get one free? That's such a great bargain! 

WQ: Buy one get one free? 我猜这就是买一送一的意思吧?

KAT: That's correct! Sometimes you can buy one and get one 50% off. Guess what that means?

WQ: Hmmm, 我想,这就是买一件,第二件打5折,对不对?

KAT: Good job! Besides, many stores are having end of season sales! 

WQ: 这个我知道,就是换季大甩卖!Actually, I got these pants from the end of season sale! 我这条裤子就是换季大甩卖的时候买的!

KAT: There you go! I think we should pay a visit to the mall together this weekend, shall we? We can not and must not miss the end of season sale! 

WQ: Sounds good! 

KAT: It's a date!! Now let's see what you've learned today! 

WQ: 第一:必备单品叫做:must-have; 

第二,买一送一,可以说: buy one get one free; 

第三,换季大甩卖,叫做end of season sale.