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066讲: 摆臭脸


XB: Jessica, 今天我可是太丢人了! 

Jessica: What happened?

XB: 我在图书馆里戴着耳机听电脑里的音乐,结果发现大家都在皱着眉头看我,最后图书管理员过来说,请你把音乐关掉! 原来我的耳机没插牢,音乐声都跑出来了!

Jessica: Oh! That's why people were mean mugging you! 

XB: 啊?什么意思?

Jessica: To mean mug someone means to give someone an angry look.

XB: 啊,mean mug someone就是冲某人摆臭脸. I was wondering why everyone in the library was mean mugging me!

Jessica: You can also use the phrase "to give someone an evil eye." It also means to glare at someone with a lot of anger and hatred. 

XB: I see. Give someone an evil eye就是恨恨地瞪着别人。那天我在银行, someone cut in line. Oh, you should have seen the evil eye everybody gave him! 

Jessica: 在银行插队被人瞪?活该!

XB: I agree! 对了,话说今天我学习了一天,发觉我的电脑实在太慢了,我打算跟我爸张口,让他送我一台新的! 

Jessica: Didn't your Dad just pay for your trip to Hong Kong? 

XB:呵呵,那是没错啦! 不过,我爸特宠我,只要我对他撒撒娇,装装可怜,他什么都答应我!

Jessica: Haha! Daddy's little girl likes to use the puppy-dog eyes trick! 

XB: puppy-dog eyes? 小狗的眼睛?

Jessica: 对啊。When you give someone those puppy-dog eyes, you enlarge your eyes over dramatically with a sad face to get whatever you desire. 

XB: 哦!就是睁大眼睛,像小狗一样卖萌装可怜! Hey, my little nephew gives me those puppy-dog eyes every time he wants to play with my iPad! 

Jessica: Did you give it to him?

XB: 我才不吃这一套!

Jessicaf: So what did he do?

XB: 那还用问,he started mean mugging me! 

XB: 今天我们学了,摆臭脸是mean mug someone; 恨恨瞪别人是give someone an evil eye; 睁大眼睛卖萌装可怜是give someone those puppy-dog eyes.
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