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058讲: 异地恋

JESSICA 在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是吴琼要问的:异地恋。 

JESSICA: 吴琼,what's your plan for the weekend? 

WQ: I'll be out of town! 我得坐4个小时飞机去看我男朋友! 

JESSICA: Boy! That's a long flight! 你真是个好女朋友。 

WQ: 没办法啦。异地恋就是这么辛苦。Jessica, 异地恋用美语要怎么说呢?

JESSICA: That's long-distance relationship. So, how long have you guys been long-distance?

WQ: We've been dating for a couple of years now. 不过,他最近因为工作被调去外地两年,我们刚刚开始异地恋。I miss him so much, and I don't know if we can survive the long-distance!

JESSICA: Don't be sad, 吴琼! I know dating over long-distance can be hard, but you got to have faith in the relationship! Hmm, tell me, what do you like about your boyfriend?

WQ: 他啊,最大的优点就是真诚,不做作。

JESSICA: So he's a blue-collar kind of guy!

WQ: blue collar? 那不是蓝领工人么?

JESSICA: Yes. But if you say a man is a "blue collar kind of guy", it doesn't necessarily refer to his job. Rather, it's about his down-to-earth, unpretending character. 

WQ: I see. My boyfriend is a blue-collar kind of guy. 我就喜欢他这纯朴劲儿。

JESSICA: So what does he like about you?

WQ: 哈哈,他也喜欢我清纯,亲切,不做作。那我就是blue-collar kind of girl了?怎么听着这么别扭。

Jessica: Hmm, you can use the phrase "the girl next door". 

WQ:The girl next door? 哦,就是邻家女孩! 没错,My boyfriend says I'm nice and attractive, just like a girl next door! 不过,这次去找他,I don't want to be the girl next door anymore! 我要打扮得艳丽一些,给他个惊喜!

Jessica: I hope he likes it! Now tell me what you've learned today! 

WQ: 第一:异地恋是long-distance relationship;.

第二:形容男人质朴老实,可以用blue-collar kind of guy;

第三:亲切可爱的邻家女孩是the girl next door.
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