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031讲: 放我一马


Jessica: Wuqiong, let's hit the gym tonight! 

WQ: 哎哟,我上次做瑜珈的时候差点把脖子拉伤!你就放我一马吧!对了,这在美语里该怎么说呢?

Jessica: You want me to let you off the hook again? Uh-uh, 我每次叫你,你都推三挡四的,这次绝对不行!

WQ: 哦,放我一马就是 let me off the hook. Jessica, could you please let me off the hook? just this once? I'm begging you!

Jessica: That's really cute, but NO, you HAVE to come with me. You're not getting off the hook this time.

WQ: 瑜珈真不是我强项,要不,咱们还是去打网球吧?上次打网球,我轻而易举就打败你了!I beat you......

Jessica: Yeah, you beat me hands down! I do recall!

WQ: 刚想问你轻而易举怎么说,原来是 hands down! Yes, I beat you hands down last time! 我把你打败,让你输得五体投地!

Jessica: (hahaha...) Fine, we'll find a sport that we both like. 

WQ: 好啊,快走吧,再不走数学课就要迟到了!

Jessica: 数学课啊。。。All of a sudden I'm not feeling well. 

WQ: 啊? 怎么突然不舒服? 你是不是又想翘课 escape....escape....

Jessica: Wuqiong, 翘课英语是 play hooky,H-O-O-K-Y, hooky, play hooky, 翘课!

WQ: Well, you shouldn't play hooky! Let's go. 

Jessica: Do I really have to go? It's so boring.....

WQ: Yes, you do, and I am not letting you off the hook! 

Jessica: Okay, let's see what you've learned today. 

第一,放我一马是let someone off the hook;

第二,形容轻而易举是 hands down;

第三,翘课是play hooky!