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063讲: 大众情人


Jessica:Hey 怡茹, what's your plan for the weekend? 

YR: 我原来大学的同学组了个乐队,今晚在酒吧表演,怎么样?要不要一起来?

Jessica: 那,得看乐队成员帅不帅呀?

YR: 那你一定得来! 我这些同学都是大学里的校草级人物,主唱更是人帅脾气好,大学的时候简直是大众情人啊!

Jessica: Ha! Sounds like a lady killer to me! 

YR: Lady killer? 女性...杀手? 

Jessica: No! A lady killer refers to a man who's extremely charming and women just throw themselves at him. These guys are usually very good-looking.

YR: 这简直就是我那个同学的写照!Every girl dreamt of dating him in college. He's such a lady killer! 尽管如此,他人却特别随和,一点也不难伺候! 不像我男朋友,动不动就不高兴,我简直受够了! 

Jessica: Hmm, I didn't know that your boyfriend is a high-maintenance guy.

YR: High maintenance? 高级维修?我倒不用维修我男朋友...

Jessica: Haha Yiru, when you say someone is high-maintenance, it means he or she is really hard to satisfy. 

YR: 哦,我懂了,就是难伺候!My boyfriend is definitely high-maintenance. He's constantly complaining, and can easily get upset! 

Jessica: I'm sorry Yiru. You know what? Maybe you will have a shot with that lady killer classmate. 

YR: 我?我可配不上他。对了,这个“配不上”用美语怎么说? 

Jessica: You can say A is out of B's league. 意思就是A配不上B。But Yiru, a nice girl like you deserves someone awesome! I don't think any guy is out of YOUR league!

YR: 呵呵,谢谢你 Jessica! 那你晚上跟我一起来哦! 

Jessica: Sure. I'll go with you. Before we get ready for the party, tell me what you've learned today!

YR: 第一,大众情人叫做 lady killer; 

第二,形容某人难伺候可以用 high-maintenance;

第三,配不上,叫做 out of someone's league!
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