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039讲: 直觉

DONNY 在北京学汉语,他的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教他。今天是于苗要问的:直觉。

YM: DONNY, 你知道么?我要去参加“价格猜猜猜”节目啦!

DONNY: “价格猜猜猜”?! I know that show! You guess the price of a product, and if you get it right, you take the product home. Right?

YM: 没错!我直觉一向很准,我去一定会赢! 对了,直觉用美语怎么说啊?

DONNY: You can say hunch. h-u-n-c-h, hunch. 

YM: 那"我直觉一向很准",就是"My hunch is always right." 对吗?

DONNY: That's correct. Or you can use the phrase "gut feeling". It also means hunch. 

YM: Gut feeling? Gut 肠子,Gut feeling肠子的感觉,就是直觉喽! 

DONNY: 没错! For example, I have a gut feeling that I'm gonna fail my mid-term exam. 

YM: Haha, but I have a hunch that you're gonna pass! 

DONNY: Then I hope your hunch is right! 对了,于苗,Before you go on the show, we should practice. How much do you think my glasses cost?

YM: 啊?你的眼镜啊......你冷不妨叫我猜,我还真有些紧张。

DONNY: Don't worry. Take a wild guess! 

YM: 什么叫 wild guess? 狂野的猜测?

DONNY: A wild guess means you have little evidence to support your guess. 

YM: 哦,take a wild guess 就是随便瞎猜! 那可不行,瞎猜赢不了比赛! 我的猜测一定要有根据,靠点谱儿,那又该怎么说呢?

DONNY: That would be an educated guess. “Educated” is spelled e-d-u-c-a-t-e-d.

YM: educate 是教育,an educated guess 就是根据经验、常识作出的猜测。

DONNY: That's Right!

YM: Hmm, well, I am guessing your glasses are worth 25 dollars! 

DONNY: Wow... Yumiao, you're really good at this! The correct answer is 26 dollars!

YM: Yeah! I won! I won!

DONNY: 别激动了! Tell me what you've learned today! 

YM: 第一,直觉叫 hunch 或 gut feeling;

第二,瞎猜叫 take a wild guess;

第三,有根据的推测是 an educated guess!
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