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055讲: 抢风头


YR: Hey Jessica!! 你听说那个大新闻了么? 

JESSICA: What? What happened? 

YR: 就是上礼拜话剧社的演出啊! Anna完全不顾原来话剧的剧本,使劲抢戏,女主角的风头全被她抢去了! 听说她们俩在后台因此大吵了一架! 对了,这个“抢风头”用美语要怎么说啊? 

JESSICA: Hmm...抢风头就是“steal someone's thunder". Steal is spelled s-t-e-a-l; and thunder, t-h-u-n-d-e-r, thunder. Basically, steal someone's thunder means to do something that takes attention away from what someone else has done. 

YR: 没错! Anna 把本来属於女主角的戏份都抢去了,She totally stole her thunder! 现在学校里人人都在说这事儿。

JESSICA: Ha! I think Anna is getting her 15 minutes of fame here! 

YR: 15 minutes of fame? 出名15分钟?.....这是什么意思? 

JESSICA: 15 minutes of fame means that she's only famous for a very short period of time. 

YR: 哦...我明白了,这也就是短暂出名的意思吧! 就像上回电视真人秀单身女郎里的女主角,那会儿人人都在谈论她,现在节目结束了,她也就销声匿迹了。 

JESSICA: Yep! Reality shows definitely give a lot of people a chance to enjoy their 15 minutes of fame! 

YR: 嗯,没错! 听说Anna原来都没被选进剧本,可后来她就一直巴结男主角Andy,这么才慢慢得到角色的! 

JESSICA: Hmm. Sounds like she's riding on Andy's coattails! Coattail is spelled c-o-a-t-t-a-i-l, coattail. To ride on someone's coattails means to use someone else's success to get ahead. 

YR: 哦,就是趋炎附势的意思喽! So, Anna would not get a role in the drama without riding on the leading man's coattails! 这么说对吗?

JESSICA: Exactly! Now tell me what you've learned today! 

YR: 第一:抢风头是steal someone's thunder.
第二,短暂出名可以说15 minutes of fame ; 第三:趋炎附势叫ride on someone's coattails!
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