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030讲: 宰人

Jessica在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是方方要问的:宰人。 JESSICA: 方方,Your new cell phone is so cool! FF: 那是,这可是最新型的智能手机! JESSICA: 这手机很贵吧? FF: 商店里卖5000块呢! JESSICA:啊? That price gives me sticker shock. FF: sticker shock? sticker, s-t-i-c-k-e-r, sticker, 是商品的价签,shock表示吃惊,sticker shock就是说看到价签上的价格,被吓到了,对不对? JESSICA: That's correct. FF: 说起来,那天我去商场里买手机,When I saw the price, I got major sticker shock. 那价格让我大跌眼睛。这么贵,纯属宰人! 对了,“宰人”在美语里怎么说呢? JESSICA: We use the word "rip-off". r-i-p-o-f-f. If something gives you sticker shock, you can say "This is a rip-off". FF: This is a rip-off, 这是宰人价! JESSICA: You can also say rip someone off. FF: Rip someone off?我明白,就是“冲某人要高价,宰人一刀”。那我要是说“我被人宰了”,就是 I was ripped off,对不对? JESSICA: Exactly! Fangfang, Don't you think you were kinda ripped off ? This phone is really pricey! FF: There's no way I got ripped off! 这手机是网上买的,才1000块! Jessica: Wow! That's a really good deal! FF: 那是! 哎?怎么回事?手机怎么不动了?Jessica 你看看,what's wrong with my phone? Jessica: Let me see ....The phone is dead. It's broken. FF: 啊?坏了?我,我昨天才买的! Jessica: It seems like you bought a shoddy phone. Shoddy is spelled s-h-o-d-d-y. If something is of poor quality, you say it's shoddy. FF: Shoddy 就是形容质量低劣。嘿! 气死我了! 买了个劣质品。 Jessica: You know what they say, Fang Fang, you got what you paid for. FF: You got what you paid for? 便宜没好货! Jessica, 你损我是吧? Jessica: 哈哈,别生气了。Let's see what you've learned today! FF: 第一,宰人是rip-off, 当动词是rip someone off; 第二,形容价格高可以说 something gives me sticker shock 第三,形容质量低劣可以用shoddy.