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028讲: 火爆脾气

Donny在北京学汉语,他的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教他。今天是Jimmy要问的:火爆脾气。 Donny: Jimmy, 瞧瞧你的熊猫眼! JIMMY: 哼!这都要怪对门宿舍的一个疯子。夜里不睡觉,在楼道里唱歌! 害得我一宿没法睡! Donny: Dude, that sucks! Jimmy: Donny, 你今天可别惹我,我这一肚子火恐怕得点火就着! I'm easy to burn! Donny: Easy to burn? Jimmy, I have to say, you've got a talent for making up English phrases. JIMMY: 好,那你说,“火爆脾气”在美语里怎么说? Donny: You say I have a short fuse. fuse is spelled f-u-s-e. To say someone has a short fuse is to say he or she has a bad temper. JIMMY: fuse是导火线的意思,a short fuse,很短的导火线,那还真是“一点就着”, 所以have a short fuse就是形容脾气差。 Donny: That's correct. If I were you, I'd go give that guy who sings in the middle of the night a piece of my mind! JIMMY: give him a piece of your mind? Donny: Yes! You can also tell him off, 都是“骂他一顿”的意思。 JIMMY: Actually, I was about to rush out of the door and tell him off, but my dorm mates stopped me. Donny: Why? JIMMY: 我室友们说,这人平时挺好的,最近失恋了,要靠夜里唱歌来疗伤,让我别往心里去。 Donny: Your dorm mates are so nice not to take it personally. JIMMY: take it personally? 就是往心里去,计较,对么? Donny: Exactly. For example, your boss has a short fuse and often yells at people when they make minor mistakes...... JIMMY: 哎,我来猜猜! 你说,老板脾气火爆,人家犯个小错他就大嚷大叫。那...If he gives me a piece of his mind for something minor, 同事们就会说"don't take it personally. " 对不对? Donny: Bingo! Let's see what you've learned today! JIMMY: 第一,火爆脾气是have a short fuse; 第二,口头教训别人是 give someone a piece of my mind, 或者tell someone off 第三,别往心里去是Don't take it personally.