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390 grand; catch

今天李华要做心理学实验,骗Larry说她中了一百万美元,看Larry会有什么样的反应。李华会学到两个常用语:grand和catch。 LH: Larry, Larry!! LL: Hi Li Hua. Why are you so excited today? LH: 我中乐透了!一百万!我发财了。 LL: Oh really? Are you going to take me out to dinner? LH: 请你吃饭?你的要求还真不高,我决定啊,分你一半! LL: You're giving me half a million?! What's the catch? LH: The catch...那是什么? LL: A catch is any tricky or concealed drawback to a deal. You're definitely not giving me half a million dollars for no reason. It's okay, tell me. What's the catch? LH: A catch是指某件好事的附带条件?哦,我明白了,你是不相信我会因为友谊分一半奖金给你,你觉得这么好的事情一定有catch, 对吗? LL: Of course. I wouldn't give my own brother that much. LH: 好吧,我交待。其实我没中奖啦,是心理学课要做研究。我才想要试探试探你的反应。 LL: So this is all for your Psychology class. I knew it! What if you really won a million dollars? Would you share the money? LH: 如果我真中了奖,当然会分你一点喽。嗯,一千块!怎样,我这朋友够意思吧? LL: You'll only give me one grand?! That's one-thousandth of a million, Li Hua! I thought our friendship was worth more than that... LH: One ground...是一千块钱的意思吗? LL: Yup. One grand is equivalent to one thousand dollars. LH: 喔。所以one grand是一千块钱的意思。 LL: Yes, that's right. LH: 那我就可以把五千块钱说成five thousand grands咯? LL: No, no, no. "Grand" replaces "thousand dollars", so you would say five grand. LH: 原来如此。五千块要说five grand, 因为grand代替了thousand dollars这两个词。但为什么是说five grand而不是 ive grands呢? LL: Even though five is more than one, you still say grand because the word is already in its plural form. LH: 喔。因为grand已经是复数了, 所以要说five grand而不是five grands, 那我懂了。 LL: Hey, so back to the topic. You're only giving me a thousand dollars? LH: Yeah, one grand is a lot of money. 那换做是你,你会给我多少钱呢? LL: I would give you 10 grand. LH: 你会给我一万?你真好!Wait, what would be the catch? LL: There would be no catch! I treat you as a very close friend. LH: 真的?我不信。不过,catch还可以怎么用? Larry, 能不能多给我几个例子? LL: Sure. A catch is any benefit that comes with a drawback. For example, when you go on a web site, and they tell you you have a chance to win a laptop, there's usually a catch. LH: 你是说,某些网站如果说你有机会赢一台手提电脑,通常都要回答问卷,订阅周刊等等好多好多条件,所以这些条件就是the catch吗? LL: Exactly. So whenever someone tells you you've won money, or a laptop, don't believe them. Or else, you're going to have to expect a big catch that goes with the benefit. LH: 难怪有一种说法是 "天下没有白吃的午餐"。 Everything that sounds too good has a catch to it. LL: That's very true. LH: 但我给你一千块钱绝对没有别的企图喔!There is no catch. LL: But I'm willing to give you ten grand! LH: 那我也给你ten grand怎么样? LL: Ten grand. That sounds a lot better... LH: 那就好。对了,你等下有事吗?请我去吃牛排吧! LL: You want me to treat you to steak? A minute ago you were only willing to give me one grand, and now you want me to treat you to steak. Ai, Li Hua! 今天李华从arry那儿学到两个常用语。一个是grand, 是一千美元的替代说法。另一个catch, 指某种好处所附带的条件。