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get wise to

我有个朋友在政府部门工作。他这工作以前可是个“肥缺”,经常用公款吃喝旅游。可好景不长,这种挥霍公款的行为被发现了,他被调查机构请去喝茶了。这让我想到了一个习惯用语,那就是: get wise to.

Wise, 形容词,是“明智”的意思。Get wise to somebody or something 是“知道,了解到”的意思。The investigators began to get wise to the reckless spending of taxpayer money, 调查人员开始察觉到挥霍纳税人钱财的行为。


例句-1:Our department is so big. That's why no one noticed that Fred was often out of the office on Mondays. But then the boss started holding staff meetings at the beginning of the week. Soon, she got wide to Fred and his frequent absences. Since she became aware of the situation, Fred hasn't missed a day of work!!

这段话是说: 我们部门太大了,所以没人注意到弗莱德经常星期一时不在办公室。不过后来,老板开始星期一召开员工会议。很快,她就发现了弗莱德经常不在的情况。从那以后,弗莱德再也没逃过一天工!


不来上班?旷工?他胆子还真大。不过说起来,办公室里经常有些人偷偷上网买东西,或者网上聊天,then they act shocked when their supervisors have gotten wise to them. 当他们的领导发现他们的这些小动作时,他们往往会吓一跳。

我一个好朋友交了个新男友,这人看上去随和幽默,绝对是个好男人。可有一次,我朋友无意间发现这男人手机中有不少暧昧短信,when he knew that she was getting wise to his deception, he stopped calling her. 这个男人知道我朋友已经察觉到他不忠的行为后,就不在联络她了。所以说,看人不能光看外表。


例句-2:My wife is a smart consumer. She's often alert to products that advertise being healthy when they actually contain too much sugar, fat or chemicals. She also notices when products claim to offer more, but actually contain less. When she gets wise those manufacturers, she blogs about them. She simply doesn't want anyone else to be fooled.


我们要感谢这种热心人! 我们小区里也有这样的人,他们会定期给所有居民写信,告诉大家社区的最新动态,以及地方政府都做了些什么事情。Thanks to these people, I've gotten wise to all kinds of recent decisions by my town council. 托他们的福,我对镇政府近期做出的决定都有所了解。

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