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069讲: 食客


FF:Jessica, 今晚跟我去吃饭怎么样?

Jessica: 好啊! 吃什么!

FF: 吃正宗的湖南菜,怎么样?Look, this is the restaurant I'm talking about.

Jessica: Hmm, I've never heard of this restaurant. Are you sure its food is authentic?

FF: Authentic? 什么意思?

Jessica: Authentic is spelled a-u-t-h-e-n-t-i-c, authentic的意思是“真实的”,“地道的”。 For example, authentic Chinese food 就是地道的中餐。

FF: 哦! 那authentic American English就是“地道美语”,对不对?

Jessica: 没错! 对了, You haven't answered my question yet--why are you so sure that restaurant serves authentic Hunan cuisines?

FF: 因为这是一个特别会吃的朋友推荐的。他可是个老饕,或者叫食客,专门能发现一些不起眼,但是特地道的餐馆。对了,这种食客在美语里要怎么说呢?

Jessica: We call those people foodies. F-o-o-d-i-e, foodie refers to someone who loves everything there is to know and learn about food. You can rely on their picks of restaurants.

FF: My friend is totally a foodie! He took me to a small eatery last week, and the food there was terrific!

Jessica: Wow, you must have pigged out!

FF: Pig out?

Jessica: To pig out means to eat a lot until you're really full.

FF: 哦,to pig out就是甩开腮帮子狂吃! Sometimes I like to go to KFC to pig out!

Jessica: Watch your waistline, Fangfang!

FF: 哈哈,I will. 不过话说那天我和这个朋友去吃饭,本来打算pig out, 可是我这个人啊,总是眼大肚子小,没吃多少就饱了,唉! 真不争气! 眼大肚子小你懂吧?

Jessica: You mean you have big eyes and a small belly? Are you saying you're good-looking?

FF: 哈哈! No. “眼大肚子小”就是 you want to eat a lot, but your belly can't take all the food.

Jessica: I see. There's a similar expression in English: your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

FF: 原来"眼大肚子小"是 eyes are bigger than stomach. Jessica, please make sure I don't eat anything before tonight's dinner. I want to pig out on great Hunan food.

Jessica: 哈哈,别光想着吃,还是先说说,今天都学了什么。

FF: 好,今天我们学了:表示地道,用authentic; 会吃的食客,老饕,是foodie; 大吃大喝是to pig out; “眼大肚子小”则是eyes are bigger than stomach.
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