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follow suit

今天中午我忽然想吃麦当劳,由于很久没去,我看到他们的菜单时有些吃惊。我印象里的麦当劳都是些不健康的快餐,但是现在,菜单里多了全麦麦片,水果片,沙拉等等选择。这种改变可以用一个习惯用语来形容,那就是: follow suit。

大家都知道,follow是跟随的意思,而suit,可以指扑克牌四种花色里的任意一种,两个词连起来follow suit,跟着出同样的花色,引伸为“效仿,跟着做”。

就像上面的例子里,随着人们健康意识的提高,越来越多的餐厅纷纷推出健康的低卡路里菜单,连麦当劳都没落下。All the restaurants started to offer healthy food items. McDonald's felt they needed to follow suit.

在下面例子里,我们要讲讲casual Friday的来历,让我们一起来听一听:

例句-1:Who wants to have to wear formal business clothes every day? For many employees, Friday is when you can dress casually. You might even be allowed to wear jeans. It seems the trend began in California in the late 1990s. Before long, workplaces throughout the U.S. copied the practice. Other countries have been following suit ever since.

这段话是说: 谁想每天都穿正装上班呢? 对很多人来说,星期五就是能穿便装的日子,或许你还能穿牛仔裤呢!这个潮流似乎是90年代末从加利福尼亚州兴起的。不久,美国各地的公司都开始实行这种做法,其他国家也纷纷效仿。

这个Casual Friday就是星期五便装日! 谁都不希望每天西服革履的。由于燃油价格上涨,美国的西南航空公司最近宣布,往返机票价格上涨4到10美元。业内观察人士说,其他航空公司很可能会follow suit跟着涨价。



例句-2:The radio entertainer made a habit of making rude comments. Perhaps that's why his talk show was so popular. But when he insulted a woman repeatedly on the air, people from across the country complained loudly. Before long, one of his advertisers withdrew its support. Then another followed suit. Soon the majority had done the same, leaving the show with few sponsors.



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