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fly in the face of

我阿姨去年开了一个蛋糕店。现在她生意越做越好,她还正在准备开个分店。这使得很多甜品业同行感到奇怪,他们都因为经济不振而收入下降。而我阿姨的蛋糕店生意蒸蒸日上,与他们的情况正相反。这也让我想到一句习惯用语,那就是:fly in the face of.


像上面的例子中,甜品业普遍业绩不好,可是我阿姨的蛋糕店却蒸蒸日上。It appears to fly in the face of what's typical in the industry.


例句-1:Most American schools have been increasing spending on high technologies. That meant more computer-assisted learning in the classroom. Yet a small minority of institutes are focusing on traditional learning. They believe it's much better for the students. It's unclear if they're right. But it certainly flies in the face of what most schools are emphasizing.

这段话是说: 大多数美国学校现在都在高科技上投资。这就意味着课堂里出现更多电脑技术的支持。但是也有一小部分学校坚持传统教育。他们认为这样更有利于学生。现在还不清楚他们是否正确,不过很显然,他们的做法跟大多数学校背道而驰。

我的一个朋友Jenny也是这样。现在很多人都通过Facebook,微博和Twitter这类社交网站联络沟通,可我朋友Jenny坚持不用这些社交平台,她认为面对面的沟通才是最好的, it flies in the face of what most people do these days. 这与眼下大多数人的做法都截然不同。




例句-2:Tim is one of a few football players who isn't shy about his religious beliefs. Before every game, in front of huge television audiences, he kneels in prayer on the field. He knows not everyone approves. Still, he doesn't regret flying in the face of how athletes are expected to behave.


我觉得每个人的宗教信仰都是他的自由。就像最近很火的Jeremy Lin,林书豪,他也对自己的宗教信仰毫不掩饰。

我有一个同性恋朋友,she's very open about her sex orientation, this flies in the face of some traditional views. 她很公开自己的性取向,这与很多保守的观点大相径庭。

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