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flotsam and jetsam

上个礼拜我帮一个好朋友搬家,结果发现她家有好多我认为没什么用的东西,什么大学时候的笔记本啊,书啊,还有看起来她好久都没穿过的衣服。我问她这些笔记本里是不是有很多珍贵资料,但她说,其实里面都是一些:flotsam and jetsam.


大家可能猜到了,flotsam and jetsam, 连起来就是没有价值的物品。

就像上面的例子中,在我朋友的大学笔记本里:there wasn't any important information written down, it was all flotsam and jetsam, 里面没有什么重要信息,全都没什么用。


例句-1: After my grandfather died, I went to clean out his garage. I found piles of yellowed newspapers and magazines, empty bottles, pieces of used furniture, and broken tools and sports equipment. There was nothing of any value. It was nothing more than flotsam and jetsam.

这段话是说: 我爷爷去世后,我去整理他的车库。那里有成捆范黄的旧报纸和杂志,空瓶子,旧家具,还有已经损坏的工具和体育器材。什么值钱的东西都没有,全都是废物。

其实大家经常会在车库里堆些没有用的东西,久而久之也就忘记了。比如我,我每年就得清理一次我的衣橱,能发现好多我再也不会穿的衣服,把他们捐给慈善机构。I clean my closet once a year, and there are always some flotsam and jetsam.


Flotsam and jetsam这个短语,除了指没有价值的物品以外,还有另外一个意思,就是不受重视的人。


例句-2: Citizens who want more upscale living areas have been pleading with the City Council. They want to see more of the poorer neighborhoods redeveloped. They're tired of seeing homeless people wandering around. To them, such flotsam and jetsam needs to be removed.


这也是可以理解的,谁不想要一个安全的居住环境呢?我最近听我们小区的人说,当地学校校长决定启动一个项目,帮助那些问题学生。He believed it was time to pay greater attention to the flotsam and jetsam. And, truthfully, it is those struggling students that need more help,他认为应该给那些不受重视的学生更多关怀。确实,那些问题学生需要更多的帮助。

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