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037讲: 修身


Jessica: Fangfang, You look different! Did you lose weight? 

FF: 才没有呢! 是这件衣服好,穿上显瘦,特修身! 

Jessica: 修身养性?也能让人显瘦?

FF: 不是那个修身,是修饰身材. The clothes make me look slim.

Jessica: I see. You can say the clothes are figure flattering. "flattering" is spelled f-l-a-t-t-e-r-i-n-g.

FF: figure是身材,flatter是恭维,两个词放在一起,figure flattering,身材显得更好,也就是修身!

Jessica: Right! For example, A lot of women find black to be a figure flattering color.

FF: 对! 黑色特修身。不过,要想尝试各种风格的打扮,不能光靠衣服,还得身材好。瘦才是王道!

Jessica: So...Are you going on a diet? 

FF: Go on a diet? 节食?没错! 虽然我已经不是头一次减肥,但这次不同,我要来个地狱式的节食减肥!

Jessica: 地狱?Hell? Oh, You must be referring to a crash diet, where people stop eating, exercise like crazy and do extreme things to lose weight quickly.

FF: 对! 不吃,狂运动,迅速瘦身! 原来地狱式节食就是a crash diet. c-r-a-s-h, crash. 我拼得对么?

Jessica: Correct. But Fangfang, it's a painful process, isn't it?

FF: 可不是么! 我这几天头晕眼花,就是因为吃太少。Jessica, 待会儿咱们去吃烤鸭吧!

Jessica: 你不减肥啦?

FF: 就一顿嘛,放纵一下!

Jessica: Be careful! This is binge eating! Binge is spelled b-i-n-g-e. Binge eating is when you eat a lot more food in one meal than you usually do. 

FF: 我明白了,binge eating就是暴饮暴食。

Jessica: 对! I hope you can get slimmer in a healthy way. But now, let's see what you've learned today! 

FF: 第一,修饰身材叫 figure flattering;

第二,节食叫go on a diet,地狱式节食是a crash diet;

第三,暴饮暴食是binge eating。
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