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ferret out

最近我想去剪个新发型。虽然发廊很多,但是因为刚来到这个新城市,对哪家发廊好一点都没有概念。不过,幸好有互联网,只要到特定的网站去搜索一下,哪些发型师的评价好就一目了然了。在美语里,我们可以用一个习惯用语来形容这种情形: ferret out.

Ferret作为动词,意思是搜寻,寻找。Ferret out作为一个词组,是通过全面查找而搜寻出来的意思。

在上面的例子里,通过网上的顾客评论: I can ferret out the poor service providers from the good ones. 我能很容易找到好的和差的服务。在下面的例子里,一名男子坚持要参加训练最严酷的特种部队。我们来听听他爸爸是怎么说的:

I support my son wanting to enlist in the military. But he's determined to join one of the toughest units in the world. Their basic training involves physical, mental and emotional challenges that nearly impossible to endure. They ferret out the weaker candidates within days.



我记得,原来我去参加一个钢琴比赛的选拔,the judges quickly ferreted out everyone but the most exceptional talents, 评委们很快就挑选出了最杰出的人才。



It was announced that some workers got paid overtime that they hadn't worked. The accounting department is reviewing all recent records. They're ferreting out any fraud. The employees responsible can expect to be punished.


干了缺德事,总是会被发现的。我记得原来大学在一间旅游公司实习,人们发现一些导游强行多收了游客的钱。It didn't take long for the boss to ferret out abuses and fire those employees. 老板没过多久就发现了这种行为,炒了那些导游的鱿鱼。

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