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fast and furious

隔了一个长周末去上班,我发现办公楼对面一座20层的大楼好像一夜之间忽然消失了。老板告诉我,一个爆破小组在几天之内完成了全部的爆破,清扫和整理工作。这也让我想到了一句习惯用语,那就是:fast and furious.

这个短语由两个简单的单词构成:fast快速的; furious愤怒的。连起来,fast and furious,意思变成了“飞快地,很快完成”。

上面说到,我们办公室旁边的大楼爆破瞬间就完成了。The demolition was fast and furious. It's as if the building just vanished overnight! 人间蒸发了。在下面的例子里,一名青少年的天资被快速挖掘出来,让我们来听听他爸爸对此怎么评价:

例句-1:Ever since my son won the national math competition, requests have been coming in fast and furious. Suddenly hundreds of kids and their parents want his advice, interviewers are begging for his story, and colleges across the country are offering him four-year scholarships.


一夜成名不一定是好事,我记得以前一个谈话节目中,一个人谈到了他中彩票之后的经历。Once his name was announced on television, attention on him was fast and furious, 自从他的名字出现在电视上之后,对他的关注就扑面而来。




上面我们讲到了fast and furious, 飞快的。冬天的阿拉斯加向来是非常寒冷的。 不过,今年的严寒似乎格外严酷。让我们来听听看:

例句-2:The residents in Alaska are used to bad weather in winter. But they weren't prepared for all the snow they recently got. That's because the storm moved in fast and furious. Within a few short hours, towns became overwhelmed by mountains of snow.


我听说,今年有些地方的积雪多达60英寸。还记得两年前,美国首都华盛顿也经历了同样的大雪,天气预报里说要下大雪后,The sales at grocery stores were going fast and furious! 人们都去商店抢购商品,以储备好食物以应对大雪的到来。

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