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042讲: 跑龙套/群众演


Donny: Hey,吴琼,did you watch the 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony? 

WQ: Yes, I did. What about you? 

Donny:No, but I heard it was awesome. Did you like it? 

WQ: 嗯,我挺喜欢的,但是我真替那些跑龙套的觉得累。

Donny: 跑龙套的?you mean the extras or the walk-ons? 

WQ: 对, 就是参加表演,但镜头不多的群众演员。还真挺形象的,extra--多余的,walk-on--在台上走来走去的,就是跑龙套的。

Donny: Exactly, but they are very important, as well. 

WQ: 赚钱少,工作时间又长,真的很辛苦,而且他们中很多人其实都很多才多艺。 

Donny: You're right. As a matter of fact, many famous actors started out as extras. 

WQ: 没错,很多大腕儿都是从跑龙套开始。对了,"大腕儿" 美语怎么说?

Donny: 大腕儿是 Big Shot. B-I-G, big, S-H-O-T, shot, big-shot.

WQ: Big shot! 这个好记。唉,我也好想当明星啊!可是以我这样的条件,最多也只能当个替身。那 Donny,替身又该怎么说呢? 

Donny: 替身是 "stunt-double." Stunt-doubles are used when special skills are needed for a performance, for example, playing the piano, dancing or car racing.

WQ: stunt是特技,所以 stunt-double 就是替身。糟糕,这些特技我一个都不会,看来,我连替身演员 stunt-double 都做不成!

Donny: 别这么说,你可以跟我学好美语,做为你的才艺啊!Now let's see what you've learned today. 

WQ: 第一,跑龙套的/群众演员是extra 或者walk-on. 

第二,大腕儿是 big shot. 

第三,替身是 stunt-double.
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