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050讲: 酒后驾车


DAN: 吴琼, 你怎么无精打采的?

WQ: 别提了!昨天晚上让警察给抓了!

DAN: What happened? Who did you kill?

WQ: 杀人?DAN你就别损我了,我哪会杀人,就是酒后驾车了,在美语里就是driving after drinking 对么?

DAN: Actually it's called drunk driving. WQ, drunk driving is no trivial matter. You really shouldn't do it. 

WQ: 你就别教育我了,我知道错了!其实我也是第一次酒驾,以前我都很注意的!昨天实在没人开车了,我在一帮人里算喝得最少的了,就想....

DAN: You took a chance and thought you'd get lucky, right? 

WQ: 是。我觉得就这么一次,肯定出不了事,也肯定不会被抓到,谁知道....

DAN: You got pulled over by a cop?

WQ: Pull over?

DAN: Yea. When a cop asks you to stop the car on the side of the road, that's called getting pulled over. 

WQ: 明白了,警察 pull someone over, 就是示意司机把车停靠在路边。Yes, I got pulled over by a traffic police. 我本来还想装作没事,结果人家警察叔叔一下就看出我喝了酒,一点情面也没留,罚了我1000块!

DAN: 1000块?酒驾罚款不是200么?

WQ: 上礼拜才改的新规定!都让我赶上了!

DAN: Sounds like you had a tough break! 

WQ: To have a tough break 就是倒霉吧?我的确是够倒霉的!

DAN: WQ, I'm sorry you had a tough break, but it's no excuse for drunk driving. Next time you go out drinking with a bunch of friends, don't forget to have a designated driver!

WQ: Designate? D-E-S-I-G-N-A-T-E, designate是指定的意思,designated driver就是专门负责开车送朋友们回家的人喽!

DAN: 没错!

WQ: Next time we'll definitely have a designated driver! 

DAN: Good idea! Now let's see what you've learned today.

WQ: 酒后驾车是drunk driving; 警察示意路边停车是pull someone over; 倒霉,运气差,是have a tough break; party结束后专门负责开车送大家回家的人是the designated driver.
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