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045讲: 头脑风暴


Jessica: Yihua! your presentation was awesome! I'm really impressed! 

YH: 谢谢你 Jessica! 做得好,可不是我一个人的功劳! 我们小组成员坐下来,来了一次头脑风暴!所以演示才这么成功。

Jessica: 头脑风暴?What's that? 

YH: 就是大家坐下来一起讨论,集思广益呀!

Jessica: Oh! I think I know what you are talking about! You guys had a brainstorming session. 

YH: Brain, b-r-a-i-n, 大脑; storm, s-t-o-r-m, 风暴。加在一起,brainstorm 就是头脑风暴喽! 

Jessica: Exactly! Brainstorm basically means to put your heads together in order to come up with good ideas. 

YH: put someones' heads together, 把头放在一起!引伸出来就是集思广益。就象中文里说的,三个臭皮匠,赛过一个诸葛亮。

Jessica: That's right! 对了,吴琼的生日快到了,Let's put our heads together and figure out what we can give her for her birthday.

YH: Good idea! 我知道,吴琼特别标新立异,所以啊,这生日礼物也得有创意才行。

Jessica: I know how picky she can be... But we can do it! Let's think outside the box and see what we should get him. 

YH: Think outside the box? 到盒子外面去找?

Jessica: It basically means to break out of your normal ideas and be creative. 

YH: 这个说法形象!Think outside the box! 跳出条条框框去想,就是有创意。集思广义,一定能找到有创意的想法。

Jessica: There you go! Now tell me what you've learned today! 

YH: 第一:头脑风暴叫做:brainstorm; 

第二,集思广义,可以说: put ones' heads together; 

第三, 创造性思维,叫think outside the box.