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065讲: 美容觉


Jessica:Hey Lulu,I haven't seen you in ages! How's it going? 

LULU: 很好很好!就是工作太忙。How are you doing yourself?

Jessica: I'm good! Speaking of which, some of us are going to Karaoke tonight, you've got to come with us! 

LULU: 我想去,但我明天得见一个大客户,我们又是公关公司,得保持好形象。所以我今天得早点回家,睡个美容觉。

Jessica: Beauty sleep? You don't need a beauty sleep, Lulu, you are always beautiful! 

LULU: 哈!原来美容觉就是 beauty sleep! 真好记。说真的,前一段时间为了搞定这个大客户,我整天加班,睡也睡不好!所以,我得回家补补觉!对了,这个补觉用美语要怎么说呀?

Jessica: Let me see....you can say you need to catch up on some Zs. 

LULU: 啊?Catch up on some Zs? 

Jessica: 对啊,here we use the capital letter Z. It refers to the sound you make when you are asleep. Zzzz....you know? 

LULU: 哈哈,太形象了!Catch up on some Zs, 就是补觉的意思!那睡得不踏实,翻来覆去,又要怎么说呢?

Jessica: We call that toss and turn. Toss is spelled t-o-s-s, toss; and turn, t-u-r-n; toss and turn! 这个词组的意思就是辗转反侧,难以入眠!

LULU: 我最近因为要给这个客户写商业计划,老是睡不好。I've been tossing and turning all night lately.

Jessica: Oh poor girl! You know what? I think you need to go home and get some shut-eye, we will hang out some other time! 

LULU: Wait..get some shut-eye? 这难道是休息眼睛的意思吗?

Jessica: It's close! Actually to get some shut-eye also means to catch up on some sleep, 也是睡觉的意思!

LULU: Ok, I will go home now and get a 10-hour sleep! 

Jessica: Sounds good! Before you go, tell me what you've learned today! 

LULU: 第一,美容觉叫做 beauty sleep; 

第二,补觉可以说 catch up on some Zs, 或者get some shut-eye;

第三,辗转反侧,叫做 toss and turn.
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