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391 back on one's feet...

李华前阵子伤到左手,最近刚刚康复。今天Larry到医院来看李华。李华会学到两个常用语:back on your feet和B.O.。

LL: Li Hua, are you feeling better now?

LH: 你看,我现在都能搬东西了呢!

LL: Whoa, be careful! But hey, it looks like you're back on your feet again!

LH: Back on my feet? 我脚没有受伤啦,只有手而已。

LL: No, that's not what I meant. To be back on your feet is a general saying referring to a person who has recovered or healed from an illness.

LH: 啊,你说I am back on my feet是指我手臂养好了,恢复了,是吗?

LL: Yes. I understand why you would think I was talking about your feet, though. A sick person is usually in bed all day. Therefore, when we say that a person is back on their feet, that means they can get off the sick bed and walk around feeling healthy.

LH: 喔。原来to be back on your feet是说一个病人已经不用再整天躺在病床上,可以自由走动的意思。

LL: That's right. Can you give me an example?

LH: 好啊。Larry, I really hope you get back on your feet soon.

LL: You...you hope that I will get well soon? But I'm not even sick...

LH: 可是你脸色好差喔。

LL: That's not true. Ohhh..ughhh...what is that smell??

LH: 有不好闻的味道吗?在哪里?

LL: Li Hua! You didn't shower the whole time you were in the hospital did you? I can smell your B.O.

LH: B.O.? 你在说什么啊?我可是天天洗澡呢!

LL: But that smell...B.O. is body odor. I don't think you showered, Li Hua.

LH: 你说我有体臭?!怎么可能呢?我真的每天都清洗呢。

LL: Then what's that smell??

LH: 我真的不知道你在说什么。难道...

LL: See?! You didn't shower!

LH: 如果不是我的话,那一定是你!

LL: It cannot be me. I shower everyday and I put on cologne this morning. Li Hua, maybe you're not back on your feet yet. You can't even remember if you showered or not.

LH: 怎么这样说。我只不过是手骨折,记性并没有变差啊。And no, I do not have B.O. 

LL: Fine then. But hey, you've learned two slang expressions today! Back on your feet and B.O. do you know how to use each?

LH: 嗯。B.O. 就是体臭的意思。For example: Larry had such horrible B.O. that I almost passed out. Larry的体臭难闻到我差点昏过去。

LL: I do not have horrible B.O.! You were the one who smelled like...

LH: 举个例子嘛,干嘛那么认真。那么back on your feet是康复的意思。我可以说,My hand is back on my feet, 我都康复了。

LL: You used B.O. correctly. But the phrase, back on your feet, refers to a person. You cannot say your hand is back on its feet. Instead you should say that you, the person, are back on your feet.

LH: 喔。To be back on your feet是形容康复的人,而不是形容受伤的部位。所以我得说,I am back on my feet.

LL: That's right. But oh, that smell! It's okay, Li Hua. You can tell me if you didn't shower in a while. I understand. I won't mind.

LH: 可是真的不是我的B.O.啊。啊!我知道了!一定是这个!

(Li Hua holds out a bag of food.)

LL: Oh my goodness! What is that?

LH: 这是臭豆腐!其实很好吃的,而且又香。你是因为没吃过所以不习惯它的味道。

LL: Stinky tofu? Why do you have stinky tofu?

LH: 喔。刚才爸妈来过了。知道我很爱吃臭豆腐,就带来给我吃的啊。来,你也尝一块。

LL: Phew! Thanks but no thanks. I don't want to make people think I have terrible B.O. But hey, I'm sure glad to see that you are back on your feet!

MC: 各位听众,今天李华从 Larry 那儿学到两个常用语,一个是 back on your feet, 表示一个人“恢复健康”;另一个是 B.O., 也就是“体臭”的意思。这次《流行美语》播送完了,谢谢收听,下次节目再见。