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056讲: 炒作

JESSICA 在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教他。今天是怡茹要问的:炒作。

YR: JESSICA, 你看,这两个电影明星被偷拍到一起吃饭逛街。

JESSICA: Hmm, interesting. So, are they dating? 

YR: 杂志说他们约会,可他俩不承认。我看,这一定又是炒作,因为他们一起拍的电影快上映啦! 哎?“炒作”美语怎么说啊?

JESSICA: We call that a "publicity stunt". Publicity is spelled p-u-b-l-i-c-i-t-y; and stunt, s-t-u-n-t. A publicity stunt. 

YR: Publicity 是“宣传”, stunt 是“特技”,放在一起,a publicity stunt,“为了宣传而使出的绝招”,这就是炒作! 

JESSICA: Right. 炒作是为了票房。I bet that this is a publicity stunt to make the movie a box office hit. 

YR: 哦~~box office 就是票房。 卖座好,票房高的电影就是 a box office hit. 不过 JESSICA, 我听说这部要上映的片子还真不错,要不咱们也买张票去看看,支持一下他们的 box office? 

JESSICA: No, I'm not going! YR, 现在很多电影都没有宣传的那么好,they're promoted too excessively! 

YR: 你是说好多电影被吹过头了?

JESSICA: Right. We have a word for that---overhyped, o-v-e-r-h-y-p-e-d.

YL: overhyped 就是名不副实,吹嘘过头。那我如果说,The movie star's performance in this comedy was overhyped. --这个明星在这部喜剧中的表演被吹过头了。对不对?

JESSICA: That's correct. Now let's see what you've learned today!

YR: 第一:炒作叫 a publicity stunt; 第二,票房叫 box office; 第三,形容吹嘘过头,可以用 overhyped.
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