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052 登山 - Mountain Climbing 2

Y: Patrick ,刚才好危险,我差点儿从悬崖上掉下去。

P: Jeez Yang Chen, that was a close call! You almost fell off the side of a cliff. It's a good thing for you that I was able to pull you back to safety.

Y: Yeah, you saved my life. 谢谢你救了我。And it's a good thing for you too!

P:I saved you because I was afraid if you were going to fall, you were planning to take me with you.

Y: 原来是怕我连累你,所以才救我。Well, thanks all the same.

P: Well, that's what friends are for, right? What happened? Did you slip on the ice?

Y: Yeah, 当时我走在薄冰上walking on thin ice,冰一下子裂开,我就滑下去了。

P: Walking on thin ice? You know, that's an English expression.

Y: Patrick, this is not a good time to teach English.

P: Why not?

Y: 因为你现在站在悬崖边上。You are very close to the edge of the cliff.

P: Just hear me out. When you say someone is walking on thin ice, it means that he is in a risky situation.

Y: 就是处于危险之中,如履薄冰, just like you.

P: Exactly. For example, I could say that John really didn't like his job, so he told his boss he was quitting. But he was really walking on thin ice, because he hadn't found a new job yet.

Y: Ah, I see. 还没有找到新工作就辞职,it is definitely risky.

P: Exactly. And for another example,

Y: Patrick! 你教了我那么多体育用语,今天我也教你一个: 'out of left field.' 

P: Right, that phrase comes from baseball, and means that something came as a complete surprise.

Y: Bingo. 我今天给你一个surprise。我们在这儿说再见了。

P: Well, Yang Chen, we are going to say goodbye here?

Y: Yes. 

P: Where are you going?

Y: Travel the world.

P: Can I come with you?