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051 登山 - Mountain Climbing 1

Y: My gosh Patrick, Where are we?

P: Yang Chen. I'm taking you mountain climbing.

Y: 登山? This is scary!

P: Don't worry, I'm an expert mountain climber. I am as steady on these steep slopes as a mountain goat.

Y: 野山羊? 你倒是smell like a mountain goat.

P: Stop complaining. We're about to reach the crux of the climb.

Y: 什么是the crux of the climb? 

P: Actually, the crux of something is the most difficult or important part.

Y: Oh, crux 就是问题的症结、关键、最困难的部分。

P: Exactly. Or I could say that I decided to quit my job for many reasons, but the crux of the problem was that I didn't make enough money. 

Y: Right ...Patrick,我开始爬了.. .. (Scream)

P: Oh my gosh! Yang Chen fell off the side of the cliff! Yang Chen, are you OK?

Y: Patrick, please pull me back up. Hurry! 我要掉下去了。

P: Wow, you're hanging off the side of the cliff! This is going to be a real cliffhanger. Do you know what that means?

Y: Patrick, 现在不是教英语的时候。Help me!

P: One second. A cliff hanger is when a chapter of a movie or book ends without a resolution.

Y: 我知道cliff是悬崖, cliff hanger掉在悬崖上,就是留下悬念的意思。 

P: Yang Chen, do you think it might be good to have a cliffhanger ending?

Y: No! 

P: You know Yang Chen, I like the cliffhanger ending.