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048 砍木头比赛 - Logger Sports

Y: 谢谢你邀请我和你一起过圣诞节。 P: You know, Yang Chen, I think the best thing about Christmas is spending time with people you care about. Y: That's true. 还有壁炉,太棒了。你点壁炉的木头是哪里来的? P: I chopped down the trees and cut the wood myself. I really enjoy doing logger sports. Y: Logger sports? P: Yeah, in America people race to see who can cut down trees and chop wood the fastest. Y: Oh, that's so stupid,比赛谁砍木头砍得快。 P: That's right. In college I was on a wood chopping team, but eventually I got the axe. Y: Got the axe? 看来你真的很投入,还自己买一把斧头。 P: Actually, no. When you say you got the axe, it means you were kicked out of a group. For example, after I was late to work three days in a row, my boss finally gave me the axe. Y: 你老板把你开除了? P: I really have an axe to grind with him. Y: 你可不要拿着斧头去威胁你的老板。 P: When you say you have an axe to grind with someone, it means that you are mad because he or she did something bad to you. Y: For example? P: If I generously invited someone to my house for Christmas and she didn't even bother to bring me a present, I would probably have an axe to grind with her. Y: Of course I brought you a present! P: What is it? Y: Me! My wonderful company! P: Can I exchange your wonderful company for something else at the store? Y: Hohoho, Merry Christmas!