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042 越野滑雪 - Cross Country Skiing

P: Here we are out in the great Alaskan wilds, ready to go cross-country skiing! Y: 阿拉斯加的风景好美,最适合练习越野滑雪! P: I'm really glad you could join us, too, Doug. D: Thanks for asking me to come along, Patrick and Yang Chen. P: I think the three of us should really go over all those safety precautions. First, did you guys let someone know that you were going skiing and where you should be? Y I told my mom. And my mom doesn't speak English. D: Uh-huh. I told my all my friends. And they do speak English. P: Good for you, Doug. This is important in case we get lost. Y: 我们会迷路? P: Don't worry. Yang Chen. By the way, did you check your poles and skis . Y: 我的滑雪杖和滑雪板They are in good shape. D: And I checked my boots and bindings, too. P: Great work, team! Does someone in the group have a map? Y: I have the map! P: We need extra food and extra drinks. Y/D: Check!. P: Yang Chen. What drinks did you bring? Y: Budweiser. P: Good. It will keep us warm. What about clothing? Y/D: Check! P:How about the first aid kit? Y: 急救箱? 我没有。 D: I've got it. P: Doug is very valuable. Well, everyone., we should be skating in a group of at least three people. That way if one of us gets hurt, one person can stay with the injured person and the other can go get help. Y: We are going to get hurt? P: That's why we invited Doug. D: Gee thanks, guys. P: Well, I guess we are ready to go then! Let's go cross country skiing.