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041 健美 - Keeping Fit

Y: Hey Patrick, 我今天才发现你很健美,you look fit. 还有个什么词儿? P: Macho..... Y: Very Macho. P: Well that goes without saying, Yang Chen. I'm just awesome. Y: 我看你像施瓦辛格。 P: You mean I look like an old man? Thanks so much, Yang Chen. Y: No, 我是说你像健美先生Mr. Fitness。 Hey, seriously, 你是怎么样 keep fit?  Kungfu? P: Actually I lift weights and I do cardiovascular exercises. Y: OK. 我知道 lift weights,我能举起5磅。 Cardiovascular exercises 都包括什么? P: Cardiovascular - or just cardio - is exercise that helps burn calories by working the heart, such as running, biking, and hiking. Y: 跑步,骑车,爬山,太多了吧,虽然我想减肥 可是 I really don't like cardio P: You look OK. But if you can shed a couple of pounds here and there, that would be perfect. Y: What did you say? P: Shed a couple of pounds here and there. Y: 你说我需要减几磅。How dare you?