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040 三振出局 - Three strikes and you're out

P: Hey Yang Chen, could you please give me our baseball tickets? Y: ummmmmmmmmmm P: What's the problem? Y: No problem. I just didn't bring them. But we can show our ID. P: This is the third time you've forgotten to bring tickets to the game. Y: No, the second time. P: Third time. You know Yang Chen, you aren't allowed to be in charge of bringing the tickets anymore. Y: Oh Patrick, I'm going to cry. P: Enough. That's three strikes, Yang Chen. You're out! Y:你说什么Three strikes, you're out! 我不懂。 P: How many baseball games do I need to take you to? Y: A lot. P: Apparently so. In baseball, a strike is when the batter misses the ball, so the pitcher throws the ball to him, and he either swings and misses or he just watches the ball pass. So the umpire 裁判 yells, strike! Or actually to be more exciting sometimes he'll say‘streeeeeeikkkkkkkkkke!’ Y:我怎么没听到过棒球裁判umpire喊‘streeeeeeikkkkkkkkkke!’ P: That's because you are always at the snack bar during the games. Y: Well, 这个“Three strikes, you're out! ”和我有什么关系? P: In American English we have the general saying 'Three strikes, you're out!' to express when someone hasn't corrected a problem after three failed chances. Y: 其实我知道Three strikes, you're out! 就是棒球里的“三振出局”,如果一个人同样的错误犯三次: P: Three strikes, you're out! Y :Three strikes, you're out!