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036 钓鱼 - Fishing

Y: Patrick, I don't feel so well. 我晕船。 P: Don't worry Yang Chen, once we're back on shore tonight eating the delicious fish we caught today, being a little sea sick will be totally worth it. Y: A little sea sick? 我快要晕死了。而且我们要是一条鱼都钓不到怎么办? P: Trust me, we'll catch something. I'm an expert. Y: 高手? P: Hey, I think I caught something! Y: Go Patrick! Catch him! P: Don't worry, I'm not going to let him off the hook. Y: That must mean脱钩。 P: Exactly. Actually, any time you let someone escape punishment, you can say you let them off the hook. For example, if I forget my girlfriend's birthday, she won't let me off the hook with a simple apology. Y: 你要是忘了你女朋友的生日,她不会轻易地放过你。 P: Looks like I got one, Yang Chen. Y: Uh这么一条可怜的小鱼,塞牙缝都不够。 P: Oh come on, this one is a keeper. Y: A keeper? 我知道salmon, bass什么的, 从来没听过keeper鱼。 P: No no, a keeper is a fish that is big enough to keep. Actually, any time you find something that you really like, you can say, this is a keeper. When I was single I had to go out with 15 girls before I found a keeper. Y: 你交了15个女朋友,最后才找到一个keeper。 Or maybe they didn't think you are a keeper?