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035 座位太远 - Nose bleed section

P: Thanks for taking Marc and me to this baseball game, Yang Cheng. M: Do we have good seats? Y: 保证是最好的座位! P: Let me see. What? Oh come on, we're sitting way up high in the nose bleed section??? Y: Nose bleed section? 谁的鼻子流血了? Marc, 你流鼻血了吗? M: That's just a joke. It means that the seats are so high up that it's like you're on top of a mountain, and your nose starts bleeding because the air is so thin. Y: 这个nose bleed section是说位子太远,好像在山顶上,空气稀薄,所以要流鼻血。 那要是看音乐会,我们的座位又高又远,那是不是可以说: we are sitting in the nose bleed section. P: Oh yes. Concerts, sporting events, if you have to sit in a high location, you can call it the nose bleed section. M: Actually, sitting in the nose bleed section is better than having your nose bleed because it was hit by a ball. Y: See, Marc is more sensible than you are. P: Oh come on, don't be so scared. Half the fun of going to a big league game is trying to catch fly balls. Y: Big league? 大联盟不是叫Major Leagues吗? P: You can say both. Actually those phrases are useful outside of baseball, too. Y: Oh no, not another English lesson. P: Say there is a news reporter working for a small local paper in Ohio. You could say that he moved up to the big leagues when he got a job at the New York Times. Say, when you're a big leagues reporter, could you buy us some better tickets? Y: No. But I would do this.....(punching Patrick) P: You punched me again? M: Oh, Patrick, I think you nose is actually bleeding.....